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  1. I was having this problem. I went to great lengths to ensure nothing was connected at warframe, twitch, prime gaming, etc. Relinked twitch to prime, then warframe to twitch and it worked since.
  2. At very least, let us add a note as we add friend so we can track who to delete. Also, please let us delete psn friends who don't play or limit friends list to players who have played in last x days in options. Offline friends list is chaos. First Sony broke chat, now de broke squads. No more recruiting. Have to explain to everyone have to be de friend to invite.
  3. Definitely still bugged on bounty 2. Will try a few isolation vaults but not holding my breath.
  4. Scintillant on bounty 2 obviously still bugged. I've run the bounty a dozen times and messed up to get common drops. Get common drops all of them except scintillant. Not a single one. The only scintillant I've gotten was a twitch drop and a few random ones from vaults. I've probably got 50-100 horrible no other worthwhile reward bounty 2 runs with no scintillant. Please add it as some kind of drop on other Bounties so at least I don't have to do this stupid one over and over for nothing and please look into the "18%"drop because it's more like 0.18% 18/10000 versus 18/100.
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