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  1. I'm really not looking for trolls to just say "eat your veggies" I'm trying to illustrate a problem with the game for developers to improve it. I give up. My friend came over. He won't play the game because it is SOOOOOOOOOO grindy. Without any trading mechanic for these crappy drops so people with different rng can balance out, this is just a waste of time and I will grind standing, relics or eidolons for tradable items that I can sell for Plat and buy my stupid last frame on a 75% off. Suggestion for mechanic. Steel path, holo key, arbitration item like riven unlock that allows for a trade of any single blueprint. It would create a new market and diminish frustration without intense rewrite of algorithms. One unlock can be purchased a week, maybe limit inventory capacity, seller or buyer has to put one in trade window before non-tradable item can be added to transaction. RNG equinox I put the result in front for readability. I'm sure these lines look different on everyone's screens. Result Number, description, percent, fraction, whole number Published drop table. Perfect drop for 30 runs 3 Night Aspect Blueprint (11.28%) 3.38 3 4 Night Chassis Blueprint (12.91%) 3.87 4 4 Night Neuroptics Blueprint (12.91%) 3.87 4 4 Night Systems Blueprint (12.91%) 3.87 4 3 Day Aspect Blueprint (11.28%) 3.38 3 4 Day Chassis Blueprint (12.91%) 3.87 4 4 Day Neuroptics Blueprint (12.91%) 3.87 4 4 Day Systems Blueprint (12.91%) 3.87 4 Result Number, description, percent, whole number Today's experience. Actual drop for 30 runs. 0 Night Aspect Blueprint (0%) 0 5 Night Chassis Blueprint (16.66%) 5 8 Night Neuroptics Blueprint (26.66%) 8 5 Night Systems Blueprint (16.66%) 5 1 Day Aspect Blueprint (3.33%) 1 2 Day Chassis Blueprint (6.66%) 2 6 Day Neuroptics Blueprint (20.0%) 6 3 Day Systems Blueprint (10.0%) 3
  2. Actual for 1 person is not, however as a developer, they have access to aggregate data that would show they have a bad algorithm. Problem is they think they are smarter than the rng function so they add factors. Whenever you multiply the seed, that becomes the factor because the algorithm is necessarily not random. NOTHING with a computer is actually random. When results don't match intent, then it's time to look at the math being used for the seeds.
  3. We all hate RNG and know its broken as heck. Devs, please understand it needs a seed. That seed needs to be somewhat random. Timestamp as a factor can help, but you can't multiply by anything or that dominates. Look at tables that you think you are generating. Equinox is a great example. Look at expected and then look at actual. No way random would drop soooooo many night sys and day neuro if it was working as desired. Please work on RNG, hire an expert. It's the most broken part of the game.
  4. You need to rank up at Nakak after each of the first 3 runs (with proper infusions) Each player can put more than 1 of each infusion.
  5. I forgot to post what I came here looking for. First run you are limited to 1000 standing. Don't waste resources. First standing rank up at Nakak get the blue infusion. The other one can be retrieved from dojo bio lab, upper left corner. Second run limit 2000, rank upand choose reward. Third run limit 3000, rank up and get reward. After that, 3050 per run, maybe more with more gold somehow. Forma 3000. Ghoul saw 5 bp@4000 ea. Nova can portal drone to speed it up a little. Only need range and nothing else. Zenurik can slow lephantis so you can hit mouth. Archgun works well (mausolon or necramech). Arquwbx doesn't. Everyone needs to stay in yellow circle to spawn infested. Boil will kill you with direct health damage. Only one person needs to go in cave. Unknown but long time to put infusions in so don't rush. Have to do 1 at a time. Super grind so be patient. Lephantis spawns at 25/50/75/99% infested. Infusions take grokdrul etc, so pick it up.
  6. Right after this post, relics started to drop. Still getting amazing low rng on other mods, etc. Augur message, vigilante pursuit, revenant chassis only (make neuro, systems drop, too?) DE, you can probably look at results aggregate data, my friend when I joined him had gotten same 4 drops every time at same stage. Maybe too much weight on number of infusions (max) and MR level that make drops too consistent.
  7. My friends and I have done combined 12 runs with ZERO relic drops. Nearly every one augur message, vigilante pursuit, revenant chasis. Please look into no relic drops.
  8. Been back and new players especially hate it when it's covering screen and they can't even do that content.
  9. Check your port and maybe increase or decrease your allowable ping. I had that problem when I had bad (ATT) internet.
  10. Agreed that resource much better than credits. Credits can be had in a few minutes in the index anytime.
  11. I could see neural sensors thrown in with tellerium, argon crystals, vitus essence, holokeys, but toroids would be better,
  12. Right next to each other mr20 mr24 (today) Rank locked. Reinvite same. Went to his dojo, OK. Buggy as s***
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