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  1. This! Can we upvote this? Feed Helminth the augument mods to be able to inject them into abilities. Then again, an augument audit, mentioned few posts ago needs to happen first to determine which mods are too strong not to consume a slot.
  2. This is so true! Iron Skin is mediocre at best without Ironclad Charge and Iron Shrapnel synergy. Not to mention high power strenght and base armor requierments
  3. I had to come back here. In TennoCon they showed Hydroid's Deluxe and his skills are all 'luxed up, it even was a separate point to show off! Garuda need the same kind of care!
  4. I disagree. You can always try blaming the gun for going off when in all actuality the fault lies in the person who left it loaded on the coffee table. To make a Warframe account you need to be 18 or at minimum 13 with your parent's concent. Of course this won't stop kids from lying about their age, but the responsibility to supervise still lies on parents or guardians . So if some kid really died from playing the game for 12 hours, the game wouldn't be the one to get the blame! Those same parents are the ones who'd be slapped with severe negligence charges.
  5. What the...? I thought they only lock 'em from further discussion, but they actually delete threads too..? Isn't that somewhat despotic? A communism -level censorhip..! Then again, I get that some people are spewing pure vinegar instead of being constuctive and posts get down from all the malice.. ...is Malice working as a part-time post-killer..?
  6. No, no, no no. Not just this. After learning about the ban issue and trying to ask for at least a guideline or a statement from DE, I've looked up several of these threads. Have you noticed that all of these threads about bans and steel path are getting locked? Some have explanation saying: "The forums are unable to assist with account issues such as bans. You will need to contact support and submit a ticket to obtain further assistance" which we know might take a whole ban's time to process. It's like they don't even want us talking about this, silencing the discussi
  7. Danielle, as you are clearly reading this thread, would you mind telling us at least guidelines to endurance runs in Steel Path? I sincerely think this is a genuine concern, if we risk being banned (from trading, but still) just by playing the game? At least bans would be justifiable, if we would've been told some certain guidelines and then went past them.
  8. What about longer endurance runs, are they safe to play without being banned?
  9. Though, it would be quite hilarious (and sad at the same time) if the console testers really got auto-banned, contacted DE and got the answer "We cannot manually remove your account's suspension” just wait it out fr 2 weeks.
  10. Wait, what if this is actually true? While searching about this topic, I came across threads more than 5 years old talking about this same problem. It was the time before relics, and ppl got auto-banned trying to farm rare Prime parts in looooong endless missions. And I'm guessing they got banned from getting too much stuff to sell from one run. So, we'll be getting Steel Path in like another 5 years?? I mean, if the banning mechanism is still there, even though there's nothing to sell from farming long survivals, it must be one heck of a problem to fix if it still presists after 5 years!
  11. Cert is taking kinda long.. Could it be that over at the PS4 (and other consoles) they're playing longish Steel Path surivals and getting auto-banned while testing..? XD
  12. I was just about to edit my post with this: Regarding console cheating that I know, maybe I'm naive, but isn't that just being afk? Though, by no means I say it's ok. It's really frustrating to play while one dude just squats behind a pillar for 30min. A funny example about a cheeky afker: he was hidden behind a pillar at Lua Arbitration survival and wehen I called him out I was told: "U r stupid, U dont know how the game works. I'm not moving so I'm not using life support. So this is ok." He started to move when I told him I'm coming to take screencaps for DE of him staying put. So
  13. I read the post about bans: ...and I had to look this up. So, as I found this thread, I'm linking it here for all to see. With Steel Path's double drops, could we at least get a recommendation on advisable times to stay in a certain mission if longer stays are punishable by the game? And one other thing: know it might be selfish to phrase it this way, but why console players are even getting the same ban? I mean, there's no way (at least to my knowledge) to apply 3rd party apps to cheat on consoles?
  14. I agree, as it is, it feels just half-assed like they just forgot to do the rest of the changes promised in her concept.. I'd expect more from payed content; I mean WF is free to play game, but when you buy something using an equivalent of real money, you expect to get 100% out of it. Now, you barely get 60..
  15. 3 months... Yes, i get your frustration. The talk about pet changes has been on for a long (longer than 3 months) while, but nothing specific was ever said about pricing changes. Maybe writing a ticket to get DEs full attention to your matter would help? ...I'm readin through w I've written and it seems my old customer service habits are faring up... XD
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