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  1. no hotfix for ps4? both shieldgating immunity and vazarin protective dash immunity is not working
  2. So I have player Warframe since July 2019, I’m not the best most awesome player on warframe but there is stuff I understand. 1. Excalibur and baruuk 4th ability ”nerf“ before their auguments were +% flat status chance now they work like weeping wounds x% (without the combo count) and these changes where made at the same time we get 100+ status chance hmmmm.... exalted weapons should be the most strongest overpowerd weapons in the game, since you have to use mod slots etc to fix everything for your build but now they are useless compared to gram prime, so why use abilities when i can just use gram prime? 2. Why don’t DE take their time to fix the bugs? There are so many bugs that F us over so many times. 3. Shotguns nerf why? All except 2-3 are useless in the general sense, exergis corinth arca plasmor are pretty much the best ones as of right now (based on stats) (dont have kuva khom so cant say anything about it) 4. Adding shield gating but then it doesn’t work properly on ps4 nice good job there is so much more to add on, just because its a free to play game doesnt mean we cant criticize what they are doing to the game, if this was a pay once to get the game or pay per month there would be a total outrage from the player base plus people do use money on warframe, why? Because they want to support it as do I and hoping they will actually make it better, these many bugs and nerfs shouldn’t exist in a game. it looks like DE wants warframe to be ruined.
  3. omg DE make chromatic blade and reactive storm flat status chance agian this sucks, you nerfed them to the ground from what they were......
  4. So I just unlocked protective dash and it works on some frames all the time and on pets/sentinals and squad members but not on excalibur umbra and the UI doesn’t always show up that its been activated. DE please stop listening to stupid players and start fixing stuff that should be working in the first place. the game would be so much more enjoyable if you start fixing these simple bugs!!!!
  5. I have the same problem, just made my first nikana zaw and the sheat is visible when i have a skin on even if I have holsterd OFF.
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