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  1. Welp there goes my (20k with 7.7 Cd and crit focus) 180k Rad Velocitus build from 60k Per hit to 10k, Oh boy thanks DE, now my archgun does literally 10% of the damage it's able to do! (I'm not mad but personally i hate Rhino Chroma ETC and liked going frames like Vauban and Hydroid and especially Revenant in Tri's)
  2. As soon as i saw this post i had to say something. (Also i main Torid for no reason, i don't recommend) First of all, i don't know if this is console specific but how come my boy Revenant hasn't gotten a skin yet? Even Baruuk has a skin now. There are some specific things that have been missed with Revenant/Vlad 1. The first of these would be aim gliding with Mesmer Skin and Reave, i know these aren't very useful things to know but you can aim glide cast Mesmer skin while in the air to make it harder for enemies to hit you in general. 2. There was a old bug where you could cast reave and cancel it in Danse Macabre and you could actually use Danse Macabre backwards, as in counter clockwise, this bug has been fixed as far as i know on console but i'm not sure if it works on PC still. 3. Revenant can't kill himself/be killed by damage that goes through Mesmer skin (Aside toxin i think?) with Mesmer skin activated (He goes to 2hp but doesn't die), this can be especially useful if you use are of effect weapons like the Acceltra, Akarius, Zarr, Tonkor etc. I know some of these weapons are supposed to not give damage to yourself but if you aimglide and shoot them you can occasionally kill yourself which isn't fun. This can be effective with using weapons that can self damage that have a large area, as of the fact you don't die and you deal a lot of damage to multiple enemies at once. (I Realise this was already mentioned but just in case) 4. If you thrall certain enemies that spawn something, E.G. Boilers the enemies that would spawn from them actually become Allies, these allies AREN'T kill-able by your team and DON'T count towards the thrall cap, this can be extremely useful in Arbitrations as of the fact that the allies stay there till killed by enemies and that you can have infinite of them, (as far as i know, i had about 40 chargers in a Arby Def) As we are all having our own spin on ideas for Revenant/Vlad here are mine 1. Have Passive, Mesmer skin and Reave Auto thrall enemies, i know this sounds a bit overkill for thralls but it depends on the situation, the problem with thralls is that you're supposed to kill them and that they help in some way, but in reality all they really do is become a meat shield for defence targets and @#&$ block enemies. 1.5. Have Reave Give over shields. 2. Have One of Revenants abilities E.G. Thrall cast-able on allies to give them your mesmer skin charges. I know that sounds overpowered to give your allies Mesmer Skin charges but it would be useful to be able to literally give your charges of mesmer skin to allies, maybe not the full amount, maybe half, OR you literally share your charges with your ally as in you have 8 and they have 8, and whenever you get hit, they loose 1 as well as you. 3. Auto firing thralls/Suicide thralls. Thralls need to be reworked pretty much in general as the way they work isn't really effective, the way thralls should work in my opinion is that the ability to thrall enemies should be similar to how Vomvalyst's go towards a Eidolon, some sort of lock-on homing shots that aim themselves towards enemies and auto thrall them, and whenever the thrall dies, they should just explode instead of summoning a pillar, or keep the pillar in but make sure that it can't be killed by Danse Macabre as it'd be more effective to gain over shield and place down pillars. In conclusion i feel as Revenant needs a skin first of all since even Baruuk has a skin before him now (on console anyways), and that His 1st Ability Thrall and 3rd Reave need to have more use than just "Reave enemy that's thralled to 1 shot" or "its more of a mobility move". Reave is ironically supposed to gain health back from your thralls and make use of them so that they can aid you. But in reality it doesn't do anything really, i do enjoy the idea of Thrall reave combo but it cost's either a extreme amount of energy to use or takes too long to do in general compared to just shooting them. As well as that the damage depends on the enemy too, i know at level 160 With 250% strength it can 1/2 shot heavy gunners, but it doesn't do much at all to Battalysts or most sentient enemies (Ironically). Revenant can be an extremely good frame for solo players or people that can use him in the mechanical way he is supposed to be used in, i wouldn't call Revenant good or bad in general, he can be used effectively and also he can be used ineffectively, his kit can tend to most play styles but needs some improvement, the augment he has at the moment is probably one of the worst I've seen as it's literally useless.
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