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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Not getting reward after space mission (after 5 murex, didnt try with less murex but i guess it is the same) VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: don't be host in space and you will be bugged. EXPECTED RESULT: 1875 credits instead of 0 (all other squad members got 1875) OBSERVED RESULT: getting 0 credits instead of 1875 REPRODUCTION RATE: Every 3 hours 🙂 doing 3*5 / 4*5 since yesterday and getting this like at least one every event wave (each 3 hours) - happened like 10 times since yesterday
  2. Is it intended that operator can still equip 2 identical arcanes ?
  3. You Can fuse untill reach 60% Seems to increase by 10% of the higher stat if I refer to the patch note so, the better your weapon is the better the increase will be so i disagree with you on that specific point but it does not answer my initial question. If your last lich had a kuva brakk weapon drop, is it possible to farm larve until you get a New kuva brakk or, since they removed the possibility to have twice the same weapon in a row in a previous update, you will never have a New brakk untill you first kill a dummy lich with any other weapon. This point is still unclear to me and not specified in the patch note.
  4. Hi there, With the New changes I am wondering if it is still impossible to get the same weapon twice in a row. My last lich weapon was a kuva brakk (with awfull stats of course) and I wanted to farm some brakks to improve mine. But After hours of Cassini farm it never droped (and i ve seen all others weapons). I know this is something introduced to avoid having the same weapon twice in a row before the last update but Can someone confirm me that it is still apllied ? So if i want to improve a weapon I will need to kill a dummy lich before in order to change the unlootable weapon and repeat this process untill I reach the maximum stat ? Thanks 🙂
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