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  1. "Remember Operator, (Insert Faction here) are friends, not loot!" Interchangeable with Grineer or Corpus for Invasions.
  2. They stated previously that the challenge was mis-marked, they had only intended for the challenge to be worth 1K, but the first time it came around it was marked as 4.5K, they stated in a stream that they were fixing that and that it would be 1K from then on.
  3. Yup, I'm not sure if they intended for this or not, but it's quite the nasty bug since Dojo Rotations seem to happen monthly. This is a pretty unfair task due to this potential bug. An entire platform denied a task.
  4. Take a picture of the Mission results, write down the names of your teammates. File a ticket with the Zen Desk to try getting the piece that dropped back. Had to do this a long while back about Gauss. If possible include evidence from a squad-mate that *did* get the drop.
  5. As such this is uncomplete-able on Switch due to us only having Two Featured Dojos at a time, and both, as of 3:37 AM CST 6/25/2020, are Storm Clans. Being Kawaii Sakuras, and Clockworks. How often do the Featured Dojos change on Switch? Cause if they don't rotate through to a Ghost clan in the next two days, an entire platform has been denied a Nightwave Task.
  6. I would suggest filing a ticket at the zendesk, even if it is 'just' an extremely tasteless joke, there might be some way to help from there, as far as I'm aware there isn't a direct reporting system for something like this, but most tickets will ask for screencaps/evidence.
  7. So are there now Two Syndanas with the Accessory pack for Titania Prime, or is it just the updated one? Also will we also get the Rank 1 and 2 Emblems for Murex and Condrix if we already got Rank Three Emblems?
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