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  1. They already stated in the thread about the Prex Card Issue that they cannot retroactively fix it and for people to submit a support ticket instead. The cards will continue to drop after the update launches on Switch if we get the update before the campaign is over. We will not obtain what has already dropped if we don't submit tickets. It's a rebalance because the content was not launched by the time they released it. That cannot in any way shape or form be considered as a 'nerf' when it isn't content we actually had at any given point of time. It cannot be a nerf when they hadn't thought
  2. Under the 'My Account' tabs there is a subsection for 'Twitch Drops' and I filed using that, though I'm not sure if that's exactly how we're supposed to go about that. I would assume that's it due to this being an issue with Twitch Drops.
  3. @[DE]Helen Will we need to file a new ticket for each message received or should we list how many we currently have in our inbox and then file new ones for each new drop? Or do we just need to do it once and let you guys take it from there? Thank you for keeping us posted and addressing this quickly. Here's hoping we get the big update sooner rather than later.
  4. Since it's already in Cert they can't send anything else until either the update is approved or denied. They can't patch and re-submit what they don't have access to anymore. The update will have to clear Cert before we can get anything else. I don't think we'll get compensation so long as launch still happens this week, and the blame falls on Nintendo Cert for not being equipped to properly handle third party content, not DE. All consoles were sent to Cert at the same time, Xbox and PlayStation are getting it no problem because they've updated with third party content consisten
  5. Because they can't send an incomplete build to Cert. They can't send a Switch build early when it can literally break the game if they do so. They can't send anything before it's done because they can't send anything else until the first item passes through Cert. What you are suggesting they do would make Warframe on the Switch entirely unplayable not just bugged out. This mess falls entirely on Nintendo's shoulders because they aren't being held to the same standards as the other two consoles. Stop blaming DE for Nintendo dropping the ball. The Old Blood Fiasco is nothing compared to Fortuna.
  6. I'm talking about the two of us that DID have boosters, I got 4,670, the other with boosters got 4,920. I am aware that boosters only work for the people that have them, but the fact remains that the Cryotic from the digs is inconsistent for no reason. Our guy with no boosters got exactly Half of what the other person with boosters got. I am missing 250 Cryotic. I am tired of this happening. No I do NOT have a lich and this is a consistent thing that's been happening for months.
  7. None of us had Kavats in that mission, and since when has that affected the amount of Cryotic that's dug up with the excavators? The only thing noticeably different between us all was the Cryotic count. Our third player, whom had no boosters, had exactly half of every other drop me and the other player with boosters got. We kept close because it was a fissure mission. I honestly can't find anything stating that the Cryotic changed from a consistent Dig count drop to a random drop like everything else.
  8. There is some kind of bug wherein the Cryotic upon extracting from an excavation mission is different for every player. Even if all players don't have a booster, or they do have a booster. There's an approximate one to three dig difference between those who got the most cryotic and those that got the least. For example I was just in a squad where two of us had Drop Boosters and Drop Rate Boosters, and the other player didn't. I got 4,670, Other player with boosters got 4,920, and the Third player got 2,460. We were in the mission the same amount of time, dropped in as a squad. Is anyone else n
  9. "Remember Operator, (Insert Faction here) are friends, not loot!" Interchangeable with Grineer or Corpus for Invasions.
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