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  1. The fact that the don't get a thing telling them it's a number not in operation already gives them that information. however the fact you pick up and how you respond does have an effect. If you think it's for real = victim if you're hesitant but not immediately no = potential victim if you tell them to f off and not scam you = probably not if you dont pick up = call later If you deny their call = call later if you comment on how "Didn't you just get out of jail for doing this scam" = no calls (thanks Dad for this one) (this is probably only going to work on those that just got ou
  2. Well first I believe they should still have a niche in stealth, so maybe enhanced stealth damage multipliers for them that way they can dispatch enemies in the one hit thats needed to not alert them however not causing them to be swinging into the meta. It doesnt make sense for a knife to be able to be aoe so bolstering their single target stats would be an obvious choice. (This is for simple knives) I feel like full on shuriken homing is a little too much but having them gravitate towards weak points would be a nice change. (this makes longer distance throws more precise) quite frankly
  3. I mean its not a 3d cone but the Fusilai exists but yeah Throwing knives can be a pain to use as they have travel time and drop and just are generally weaker than other secondaries keep in mind I use the Fusilai all the time
  4. Never really thought about this but now that it has been mentioned that feels a lot more natural and while not necessarily reduces grind just makes it a lot nore bearable and the newbies who are playing the game wont be regrettign having fun rather than gathering every resource on the map. I can see this being a welcome change for all parties.
  5. I gotta add on that the fix should not be made hardcoded to the use and allow it to be separate as I like having the rolling on q and e while my use button is e.
  6. Honestly I feel that seeing necramechs railjack and warframes separately is what helps set people up for enjoyment. seeing them as cool stuff that you get with the ninja stuff is going to get you more invested. Personally I enjoy them as I get to have a space ninja game (Something I like), a mech game (Something I like and dont have), and a space battle game (once again something I'd like but dont have). asking why you'd use something over another thing is what takes away from the fun. asking whether you wanna be a ninja or a unstoppable juggernaut is what doesnt take away from the
  7. I mean to be frank balance doesnt matter for a fan concept the framework is what matters
  8. Go ahead, why not. Doesn't hurt to include more ideas. Anyway here's my thoughts: Passive while a visual is helpful its already shown with enemy radar. Instead of special bonuses to the loadout heres an Idea. The way Iargel interest with enemies in stealth has unique mechanics. an example of part of it could be adding in time before properly spotted like in stealth games. essentially this would lay out the groundwork for a stealth frame to be more interactive with enemies and feel unique. 1st sounds simular to ivaras prowl so It definitely would need some more uniqueness. If any
  9. basically "tracks" how close he is to arriving.
  10. To keep it brief because I only played it briefly (Waiting for the camera bug to be fixed) Buggy but enjoyable.
  11. I think that displaying the credit prices initially instead of platinum prices in the market would go a long way. It's been proven time and time again that people immediatly get turned off seeing that. Especially since games have moved into the direction of being infested with microtransactions.
  12. Honestly: Homing rounds is a better option than auto targetting. That wouldn't mess with peoples aim have the same sort of effect AND justifies the increased heat cost
  13. I have a feeling it has to do with most tilesets being horizontal but yeah some vertical movement beign an option on more things would be nice
  14. When "melee with fire weapon input" is toggled on if you use undertow and have a melee selected, you are unable to use the shoot tentacle feature.
  15. According to steam achievements. Gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Enter the Dry Dock 5.7% Some Assembly Required - Collect and assemble all Railjack components 2.5% I'm the Captain Now - Pilot a hijacked enemy crewship during a Railjack mission 2.1% From out of the Sun - Shoot down 100 enemies while in a Railjack 2.0% And while that is taking account all players who ever played. I still feel that is incredibly low. prerequisites: Have an archwing (From out of the Sun, I'm the captain Now) Having a clan (Gonna Need a Bigger Boat, Some Assembly Required)
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