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  1. Yeah, that's melee 3.0.Thats not a bug at all. Bloddrush has its active ability, and gladiator mods have their passive abilities. Different things completely that are meant to play off each other. If you get rid of glad mods, just get rid of helios entirely because that its only use (Scans do nothing besides simulacrum) This game isn't made to beat a challenge, its to break the game faster. There is little challenge to the game with mods (not even including rivens). You want a challenge? Make the personal decision to not use those certain mods, or dont use melee all together, easy. This
  2. ~Escape key, Primarily in Fortuna is still an issue ~Dont hold our hand with toroid trading for standing. If I want to use a lazulite toroid for 12k standing and I only have 9K daily left and waste 3k, im fine with that. Let me make my decisions on how I manage my gameplay. ~Allow some toggle for new UI layout to not be utilized, at least let us turn off music and change scaling. ~!!! Add transparency to tab menu for ingame. Holy we dont need to completely block our vision to check one little thing.
  3. Does anyone know if there's a way to revert this entire UI update. All the data was in its place and readable, now it's...something that is a definite downgrade is every aspect. I gain no benefits from a 350% zoomed in menu
  4. blue crits is a bug, but there is nothing wrong with stacking glad mods and blood rush.
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