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  1. Hello. What about the Ambassador's weapons? I Drop 2 parts with my mate and now we were looking in the inventory and workshop and not found any parts
  2. Witam. Co z bronią Ambassador? Wydropiłem z ziomkiem 2 części i teraz szukaliśmy w ekwipunku i warsztacie i nic nie wyszukuje?
  3. Mogliby coś zrobić z nagrodami za punkty z szlaku. Teraz to tylko sie kupuje reaktory, katalizatory i nitain... Nonstop to samo do kupna...
  4. Hi Tenno! Is there any way to remove parts from a railjack made from a dry dock? They only take up space unnecessarily.
  5. Hotfix popped up, I turned off the game and played. Console says latest version updated, stupid launcher missing. Further DE actions ...
  6. It is not possible to reset points added to crew members. Mission stuttering eternally after completing a task or while flying to the dock. You have to reset the game and there are no rewards.
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