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  1. On the Necramech page on the wiki is a map with some/all(?) spawn locations. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Necramech During Fass, just check all those spots and you should find one. I got one at the 4th or 5th spot I checked. They are really hard to see sometimes, though.
  2. Banshee Prime is currently unvaulted, so it would be the perfect time to get her.
  3. What the others said. Faction mods basically are not needed for regular play where you melt groups of enemies regardless of faction in less than a second anyway, but once you go for higher levels or longer runs, like the Index in your example, they can help you out quite a bit.
  4. It also drops from Cetus Ghoul bounties (which aren't active right now) as rare reward or as 0.13% chance drops from the Zealoid Prelate boss on Deimos. In other words: Yes, just wait a few days for next Nightwave intermission. And remember to always save up around 10 Nitain or so next time just in case there's new items that need it.
  5. Not really that unlucky. Assuming all your runs take 5 minutes and there's no breaks (aka 12 runs/hour), 5 hours would result in 60 runs. With High Noon's drop chance of 1.29%, this only results in a probability of 54.1% to have gotten at least one drop across all runs. That's barely better than a coin flip. To raise this probability to over 90%, you need 178 consecutive runs (the so called "expected" number of runs). The "nearly guaranteed" 99% would be reached after 355 runs.
  6. Definitely keep Equinox, Mirage and Titania, they're annoying to farm again later if you need them for Helminth. The others you can farm again pretty quickly.
  7. Zaw strikes, Kitgun chambers, Amp prisms, MOA models (aka heads), Predasite/Vulpaphyla subspecies
  8. To add something to the other answer: When building modular weapons/companions like Kitguns and MOAs, only one of the parts gives you MR. So, for example, you can only get MR for one Tombfinger kitgun. If you build other kitguns with the Tombfinger chamber, they won't give you more MR.
  9. You can buy the rotating reward only once. Then you have to wait for it to show up again in 8 weeks.
  10. One big part definitely is killing lots of sentients, since every sentient kill gives you points. Orphixes spawn every 1.5 minutes. regardless of what you do and when you destroy the last one (can even have multiple active at the same time), so instead of instakilling every Orphix (which makes all sentients in the area disappear) and then standing around for a minute without getting any significant points, you can wait to kill it until, say, 10 seconds before the next one and spend the time killing sentients for points. That should give you a few thousand points more without making the mission
  11. Kuva Nukor with Magnetic damage. High damage, status, crit, the beam chains to other enemies. And with inbuilt Magnetic and Radiation, you can build a 4-element combo with Viral/Corrosive and Heat to cover basically all available health/armor/shield types with at least one effective element.
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