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  1. Yeah the amount of points you get from killing minions, even sentients, isn't enough to get past 30 in less than half an hour post-last orphix. You’d have to be veeeeery dedicated to waste countless hours...
  2. Scarlet got boring in a week, this got boring in an hour. Scarlet had railjack, or ground missions. This has necramech and if you don’t have one well built you don't have fun at all, period. Anyone who played Scarlet knows that this is scarlet lite version, watered down, more boring, even more repetitive since theres no two variations of it. Buuuut since the apologists will be apologists and always retaliate with “don’t like it don’t play it” they’ll always win in their eyes...
  3. No one would want to change Inaros, he’s the most low effort tank out there, not interesting in the least but since he removes any macro from the equation everyone enjoys his brainless invincibility. Can’t blame them tho.
  4. You mean like, Saryn, Mesa, Bramma, Equinox, Khora, Tonkor, Baruuk or any other frame/weapon that would nuke more effectively than a slow moving piece of metal?
  5. No, it’s not worth it unless you love the necramech’s mechanics. It’s pretty easy to see past the promises of this having more content revolving around it. It is to see that this is going to be the next archwing once they open it up to play on normal tilesets and such. People who like it are gonna use it regardless and people who don’t, won’t. Really that simple.
  6. Yeah, its the exact same event as scarlet in disguise. Same objective, different map. Faster paced, but slower rewards. How does that make any sense to DE at all like?
  7. The event is boring and repetitive and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves, but... This seems like nitpicking dude, he just didn’t wanna play period, doubt that a bad event led him to quit lol.
  8. Problem Problem is that it’s a brainless Scarlet Spear, it’s more restrictive and it’s waaaaay more boring.
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