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  1. Greetings Tenno! I've had a big issue ever since I started playing and that is the fact that I can't see people in relays, Maroo's Bazaar,... The problem isn't the fact that there aren't people there, it's just that I can't see and interact with them nor they can see and interact with me. And this problem exits everywhere. I couldn't do Scarlet Spear and I assume it was because of this. When I use mobile data, I can see people normally and can trade with them implying that my router is the problem. I've talked with DE support, did everything they suggested but none of their suggestions worked(DMZ, changing PS4's network setting to custom and changing things to DNS) A month after I started the thread, they said there is nothing we can do and closed the thread. Now here are the things I tried: 1)DMZ: I added my PS4's IP address to DMZ, enabled, saved, and rebooted. It didn't work. One video suggested adding my PS4's Mac address and IP to Network/Lan settings/Address reservation. Rebooted, then enabled DMZ, rebooted again. It still didn't work.(These all were done with PS4's network set on easy) Another video suggested going to PS4's network/Custom/ Adding the default gateway as IP and changing the last 3 digits, adding subnet mask, Setting Primary DNS to either or default gateway. Then Enabling DMZ. It didn't work 2) Whenever I log into Warframe, it greets me with an error saying to make sure that my firewall allows UDP ports 4950,4955. One of the suggestions was to forward ports to my PS4. In Nat forwarding/Virtual Servers/ I added new entries this way: Service type: Empty External Port: 4950 Internal IP: PS4's IP Internal Port: Black(which after saving the settings automatically copies the external port number) Protocol: UDP I tried this setting with 4950 and 4955 active, with and without Address reservation and it didn't work. I tried with the protocol being "all" and it didn't work. So I am very confused as to what I have to do to fix my issue. Seeing my problem not existing when I use mobile data, it suggests that the problem comes from my router. Note that UPNP, has been enabled the entire time I was trying these methods So here are my questions: 1) Is there something I am doing wrong here? 2) Should the PS4's network settings be set to easy or custom? And if custom, how should I fill in the blanks? 3) When does Address reservation(in Lan settings) come into play? Do I have to add my PS4 as an entry and then enable DMZ? 4) How can I fill in the blanks in the Virtual servers?Am I forwarding ports the wrong way? Do I need to forward ports for both PS4 and Warframe? Is Address reservation required for port forwarding? 5) Does UPNP negatively affect any of these things? I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me Thank you in advance
  2. Hello everyone. I have a couple of question regarding Riven mods and investing kuva in them and I would really appreciate it if people who have done a lot of Riven trading could answer them. My questions are regarding the 2 ends of riven disposition. The Highest and lowest. (And I'm excluding the Rivens that I want and I'm keeping) 1) Weapons that have the lowest disposition are relatively good weapons (used a lot by a majority of player base). So they do not generate high enough stats. I was wondering if keeping them and investing Kuva in them would be a smart choice. Would anyone buy these types of mods? The Low disposition mods I currently have are: Rubico, Galantine, Amprex, Tiberon 2)The high riven disposition belongs to weapons what not a lot of players use. They will generate high enough stats but the question is will anyone buy them. High Riven mods I have are: Boar, Phage, Sibear Thanks in advance Tenno
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