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  1. Yeah it's not just the Sortie. I tried Steel Path and it's bugged there as well
  2. I don't remember to be honest. I think Gian Point. The wiki is really short on detail about this so I assumed any node would do
  3. Just got it this week after a long time of farming.... Wish you'd at least give away Spectra Vandal. Out of the tens of missions I did, Derelict spawned for me only once
  4. Any news on updating the Nightwave prestige ranks on consoles? PC has 150 prestige ranks and consoles have 120
  5. Hi. May I ask when you will increase the Nightwave prestige rank to 120 the way you did for PC? Thank you
  6. You increased the Prestige ranks to 120 for PC but last I checked the last rank consoles can achieve is 90. May I ask when you're going to change that?
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