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  1. @[DE]Danielle Feels like you're really needed here 😕 We could really use some clarification regarding the state of the update (Is .0.6 finalized? Could we MAYBE get .0.7?) Were alleged a bit worried about the state of the update we're going to get, and even more worried that it'd probably stay that way for a long long time, like it did now. Just generally sharing us about the why the updates are delayed that much would go a long way in helping us. Thanks in advance Danielle!
  2. Are we gonna get 26.0.7 by any chance? Or since .6 just passed Cert we'd have to wait another month or 2 to use Crit builds that don't involve Blood rush?
  3. Catchmoon is pretty heavily nerfed. Some might say that it's not worth using at all now, so sorry for you pal :3 But they did announce this change like a month ago, so ....
  4. Gosh I was waiting for the Arbitraion+Gauss changes. Thank god. Kuva liches? Yea thats nice
  5. What if I only have 1 R3 Arcane Velocity...? Hehe
  6. So, up until now my build, which Im guessing is pretty standard, looked like this- With the recent heat changes, does it make for a higher DPS now to to use Prime Heated Charge? Maybe on highly armored targets? I'm guessing you'd have to take out either Barrel Diffusion or Lethal torrent, but I'm not good with the actual calculations, I was wondering if anyone ran that BTW I'm a Console player so I really can't test it now. Was wondering if I should start ranking up my Prime Heated Charge
  7. What the hell are you talking about dude? We weren't even complaining for more content or delays in stuff that haven't come out, all we want is an improvement for stuff that's already in the game. improvements that have already been made on PC. I just want to play Arbitrations again. I just want to finalize my Gauss build. I don't understand what the hell is justifying a delay of 4+ weeks for a SMALL update that has already been out on PC
  8. This is really concerning. Mainline update is probably about a month away from Consoles since it's about a week away from PC Having Arbitrations so much less efficient and fun than they should be is really getting to me
  9. This is great and all, but I've been REALLY looking forward for the Arbitration and Gauss changes. When will these drop? :\
  10. Got every single one but Axi A6. Been farming for hours for it with just 1 to show for it. Axi A6 Broke me.
  11. While I appreciate drop tables and spreadsheets as much as the next guy, I can easily find this info by just hopping onto the Wiki. I was hoping for a more generalized answer, a mission you can drop in and have it include at least a few of these relics in in one way or another, and not get to specific just yet Thanks everyone for the answers! Infested Salvage is totally fine in my book. Interception, on the other hand, is the worst mission type imo and I stay away from it like fire Ty
  12. So, new prime access has been up for a while now, yet I haven't gotten a sufficient amount of its relics just yet. Where would you recommend farming the new relics?
  13. Not that Im a big expert on the subject, but nowadays updates are technically uploaded to the game before theyr'e released, and just don't get activated until release date, right? That's what makes Datamining possible Meaning the builds can be the same on all platforms without the activating the all of the content on that said build, yet the game would still know how to register it
  14. Any word on the Arbitrations update? Gauss buffs? New Tennogen? I think it's been long enough since it released on PC :(
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