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  1. Yep, My point exactly. Some very potent off-meta builds are now dead because you can't play into that anymore Personally I think nothing shouldn't be looked at until Viral gets toned down a bit. It's way too powerful and single handedlykills a lot of builds diversity
  2. First of all, I'm happy they're looking into it and they're not gonna leave it like that. But, here's the larger issue- Anyone that ever took the time into understanding how this game works would instantly tell you that those changes that made to Gas would be awful and essentially kill it. It's a no brainer, it's just incredibly painfully obvious. So, if DE rolled these changes without realizing something that trivial that's a very concerning indication. Tie that together with the dreadful wording in the patch notes, wrong statements in dev streams (i.e- Crit is meta) and some more of the recent mistakes, to some of the community it's becoming clear that DE just don't understand how their own game works and all those things are 100% incompetency. Honestly? I'm having a hard believing that's the case and I'm looking for an explanation
  3. Again, I'm not disagreeing with you, just saying- It's hardly an issue at all
  4. What he meant was: More Toxin dmg resulted in stronger Toxin procs. More Heat dmg resulted in stronger Heat procs. More Gas dmg doesn't result in stronger procs, because it was previously reliant on Toxin to make it's procs stronger. I doubt it'll stay that way though, my main issue is making Gas a generally bad element and unviable everywhere.
  5. Don't sell that 60/60 fire mod, Viral/Heat is now king literally everywhere
  6. As I've said before- According to DE's statement from the recent changes, patch notes and devstreams you can clearly see that they're trying to push an agenda with more build diversity resulting from different builds having different niches. Since gas had it's own niche it was good at, which was 'The AoE status' (And make no mistake, the whole viability of gas's dmg was a result of multple enemies making multiple instances of gas and contaminating each other) , just killing it without having a replacement for that niche doesn't make sense for that agenda
  7. I respectfully disagree, it does make sense imo, but it's not really the point here. Making Gas proc Gas dmg instead of Toxin isn't the problem in it of itself, it's the combination of really bad dmg bonuses and really bad base dmg that makes it simply unviable right now This is objectively wrong. 1. Most people weren't aware of the math, and Gas dmg was straight up unpopular. It was a bit more popular among buildcrafters who did exploit the triple dipping thing, but- 2. While the triple dipping quality was powerful, it was still incredibly weak due how high armor scaled and it's dmg reduction was way too much to even dent Grineers at high lvl (With the exception of weird synergies like Wisp's 3 and Saryn's augmented 3, but these are very specific cases). Gas generally only scaled well up to lvl ~100 or so (Sortie lvl enemies), in which point Corrosive just overshadowed it. 3. Even if you're disputing point 2, it's objectively true that most people ran corrosive and viral way more often than gas. As a buildcrafter I don't mind changing my habits, I actually have gone through a lot of these changes and previous ones. The problem is that currently I just don't have a lot of viable options to build for While true in concept, the overwhelming truth is that Viral is just better 100% of the times in every build now. Viral with the addition of either Slash or Heat is straight up better than anything else after these recent changes Since that unintended quality made an otherwise bad element into a viable one and contributed to build diversity I strongly disagree with you. It was very healthy for the game and necessary to compete in the game
  8. I have just spent 2-3 comments explaining why that doesn't line up with the agenda the devs have been pushing since the game's release and even more so in the recent changes
  9. Thanks for providing a solution, but I know that and I don't need it. I asked for a reason. Judging by the patch notes and the dev streams you can safely assume that the devs are trying to give different builds different niches (Changes like Slash not bypassing shields and Toxin losing it's armor bonus dmg, for example). Gas had a specific niche in being the AoE status, so this change is straight up countering the dev's agenda, which makes it look like a result of straight up incompetency. All I want at this point is to know why
  10. Based on logic. Having an element that is very good at a specific niche while not being overwhelmingly powerful generally means you just have more options and more build diversity in a way that doesn't hurt the game. Making that element straight up bad in most situations it was good before only reduces build diversity while doing nothing good for the game. Again, Judging by the patch notes and the dev streams you can safely assume that the devs are trying to give different builds different niches (Changes like Slash not bypassing shields and Toxin losing it's armor bonus dmg, for example). Gas had a specific niche in being the AoE status, so this change is straight up countering the dev's agenda, so the whole thing perplexes me. I'd really appreciate you explaining your opinion instead of cynically doubting me. I mean, maybe there was a good reason to make gas that bad and I just don't see it, but that exactly what I'm asking in this thread, so you're welcome to dispute my claim
  11. Your logic is sound, but if the Placeholder puts the product at a better position than it's permanent form, that's just broken. And no, when I say 'better' I don't mean stronger, I mean healthier for the game .
  12. 1. Look up Gas bonuses dmg and Toxin dmg bonuses. Gas is overwhelmingly worse. You basically have 50% penalty for most of the enemies you care about 2. Gas now works differently. No longi s there a Cloud that contaminates the area, but now the the individual enemy that got the proc acts as a "grenade" and pulses dmg out, which means that if the enemies scatter the enemies aren't feeding off of each other's dmg anymore. All of those mean that gas'es niche, which was the AoE option that's strong in a group, no longer exists. Btw, if you haven't tested what I'm talking about or aren't aware of what made Gas as strong as it was, you're welcome to hold your ignorant memes to yourself
  13. Look, I'm not saying this stagger animation isn't stupid and inconsistent , because it is, BUT- The fact is that it doesn't matter. It doesn't bother me at all. The stagger speed scales with Attack speed, so it's mostly unnoticeable with a single Berserker mod (And if urn Arcane Strike with that weapon- Even better), or you can just do a slide attack to break off the sequence...
  14. (PS4)SrebX

    Why kill Gas?

    Why would you do it? Why would you nerf Gas this badly? Most people who play Warframe didn't even know that Gas is powerful and competes at high lvls,so it wasn't very popular. It was also only competitive up to lvl ~100 or so, and then it started to fall off because of armor So it wasn't very popular, it wasn't THAT strong, it only added some build diversity. Now Gas is useless and nerfed to the ground, and every build that ever relied on Gas is now useless. Build diversity is at an all time low. Why? What's the reason to nerf it that badly? I've heard some voices in the buildcraft community saying DE nerfed Gas out of incompetence- They're claiming that DE honestly didn't know what made Gas strong and they did it by accident. Personally I can't possibly believe our devs would be THAT incompetent, as in not knowing the ramifications of their own changes, But I honestly can't see a better explanation...
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