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  1. 1. What are your plans for the whole lich / public lich hunting dilemma? 2. Can we get a "pick a reward" option for Sorties? Pick one of three randomly rolled rewards of the same or lower rarity as the initial first roll. This way no one would get more rare rewards than before, but we could choose if we want a Riven, an Ayatan or sth else. Again: 3 rewards to pick from the drop table, but none of a higher rarity than the first roll (the one we currently get). This way the really rare rewards like legendary cores would remain exactly as rare as before.
  2. For my personal records: A customer who participates in the "fashion frame endgame" is now called a costumer. But yes, trade posts are broken. Same problem here.
  3. - I think I am personally done with the lich system now after getting another duplicate weapon. The grind is way too much and it is simply boring. Why can´t we "banish" a lich once per day? This would reduce the amount of useless grinding time while still preventing people from speed rushing to max lvl weapons. - Captured liches are not only useless, they also create lags on spawn. Can they at least do something useful, like bashing the sh!t out of players who don´t attack their liches?
  4. Most of those youtube videos were made before the changes to stealth and awareness of enemies. Now it is much harder to do as they will spot you from a mile away. I remember I did my MR9 literally 3 days AFTER they changed it and I was so upset about it as I could have done it earlier. I didn´t have any passive stealth frames, didn´t even know about Banshee´s silence passive. I finally made it after at least 50 tries (practise) with Volt (my starter frame, pretty much a bad choice) and a redeemer that I chose to build just for the test. Phase 3 is still hard, but if you really know the walking patterns and get the right timing, you can finish it with redeemer shots pretty easily. You jump down the ledge to make the enemies spawn. You rush back and hide behind the ramp until the three guys meet in the middle and separate. You immediately run and jump down towards the guy on the left. Finish him in melee. You run straight to the right guy before he can walk back up and kill him. Then you just hide behind that lower right column until the guy in the middle comes back. You shoot him with the redeemer and hide again behind the lower right column. Then you wait for 2 more guys to come down the very right path and finish them off as soon as they reach you. There is a split second before they become alerted, just enough to shoot the redeemer. Once you got them all, you head up on the right side. There is only one guy left on the left/top of the map, and you can kill him rather easy from a distance. After I remembered all that and finished it once during practise, I repeated it several times in a row without failing. But it´s an aweful test and very, very tought compared to all the other MR tests (until MR19).
  5. And you can´t see the irony in this? The sarcasm? He calls for bans for people who tell you how to play the game. Who force you to play the game like they want it to be played. Yet he is doing exactly the same thing here, forcing a playstyle upon those players who want to play the game as it was intended to be played and kill their liches. It´s a medaillon with 2 sides.
  6. I 100% agree with the OP that people who don´t do their liches in public games should be banned. It´s an egoistic behaviour that prevents other people from getting a shot at their own liches. EDIT: Maybe I should have added /sarcasm off
  7. To the original post: Yes, it´s true (also in Europe). I have trouble finding public squads for most mission types. The only missions that seem to be run are capture, rescue and sometimes defense and mobile defense. What makes it even worse is, that actually most people just rush off to get their murmurs and leave the defense objectives unprotected. Yesterday I was in a group with 1 MR28 and 2 MR27 and the mobile defense mission failed because of that. I had the wrong frame to protect it completely on my own. Since then: Mesa Prime only. I rather have a few boring minutes than failed missions. What also happens is people leaving the squad because it´s not full. So running a mission with only one partner can lead to being left alone in the middle of the run.
  8. I don´t quite understand why this is not being addressed after such a long time. It makes Revenant a very unreliable frame!
  9. you need to forma it 5 times to lvl it from 30-32-34-36-38-40
  10. Hexenon is usually the one resource we accidentially pick up and offer to our kuva liches in return for their stolen scrap. (or we donate it to our clan dojo so we can build big hexenon statues).
  11. The Slash part makes the weapons completely different. The tonkor is way stronger now. The blast damage is reduced TO 30% (ish) but it adds a lot of slash, which kills enemies reliably. But it´s still not a good way to communicate it - and the weapon performs totally different than before.
  12. They "stealth" added Slash damage. Yes, it does more damage now. No, it´s not a good way to communicate it.
  13. The elemental damage went down and down. A Kuva Tonkor SHOULD have 674 blast damage. Before the "fix" it was already bugged and had around 440 dmg. Now they made it even worse and it has 228 blast damage. That´s 400 less than a regular tonkor.
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