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  1. Hey guys, this feature won´t be for everyone - but it won´t hurt you to have it, either. ;) I am swapping Warframes and Gear pretty often and I like to always match the colors of my weapons to my warframe. The 3 (+) different appearance slots don´t really work for me as my frames are colored mostly in completely different tones. So what I usually do is go into each of the 3 weapons and click the "copy warframe colors". It´s great that we got this feature - but it would be even easier if we had one big button right on the Main Loadout page (under Parazon for example) which c
  2. You answered your own problem. Neither Saryn nor Mesa nor Equinox can nuke "overwhelmingly left right and center" in lvl areas where it would actually matter. Ever played a Saryn in a 1 hour+ arbitration mission? If you did, you would know how fragile a Saryn becomes once enemies can live with her spores for minutes before taking significant damage. An Equinox would take long to build up enough damage to kill something. And a Mesa would be a static turret with a truckload of energy pads behind her.
  3. FIRST of all: For Funk´s sake, stop calling for nerfs!!! What is wrong with you.... SECONDLY: You can´t compare Equinox or Saryn to the M4D damage output due to the double dipping of mods - which was clearly a bug. They should have stopped there - instead, they nerfed M4D in 4 different ways and thus rendered the ability useless. But if you saw the damage potential of M4D before, you´d understand WHY Saryn and Equinox are in a completely different boat. M4D hit every enemy in range with red crits in the MILLIONS, sometimes over 10 million damage per enemy. This would kill
  4. DE, with all respect, but you need to work on your quality control. You NEED to stop releasing content that is "not working as intended" and then take it away later when a lot of "early adopters" have used their time and ressources - and even real money (to buy boosters) to get the stuff you released. For instance, how did you NOT see how overpowered a Kuva Bramma was before release? Did you test it once? And now that you´ve nerfed it into the ground, you release the Trumna, which performs almost identical to the bramma on its alternate fire. Will you nerf this, too? Giving the
  5. Well dude, this sounds like the whole game annoys you. I´m fine with grinding and farming, with or without boosters. Ofc I prefer to do certain things when I get a booster, no question about that. But that constant nagging and the absolutely hilarious "remind me later" button is just a chore.
  6. Can someone explain to me why Xaku is referred to as "they"? Are "they" more than one person? My school english tought me "they is plural".
  7. This is called Sarcasm.... Also, this is a feedback Forum. Just throwing a tantrum without giving an explanation is not sensible. This would certainly be a great QoL feature.
  8. ...and there is absolutely NO need to remind me of it every time I play a mission or return from one, access the mod page or upgrade a mod. Do you think people will pay money because you annoy them constantly? How about making riven transmuters tradeable or at least a little more accessible for people like me who are too clumsy to solo Hydrolysts. Please remove that constant reminder. I will buy more capacity once I have more plat. But please.... let me turn this off. Stop reminding me that I´m poor and too casual to participate in Hydrolyst captures.
  9. This bug has been there since the beginning. There have been a lot of bug reports about it. They either cannot fix it or they dpn´t care.
  10. I cannot count how many times I started a friendly chat with a Limbo player, telling him his Cataclysm prevents us from killing enemies, accessing consoles, interacting with certain environmental things... it is simply getting tiresome. Some Players react in a positive way, but the majority tells you stuff like "Don´t tell me how to play" or something worse. So you expect people to do tedious things just to tell Limbo-players that they are messing up their game? And that we waste everyone´s time by leaving? What about OUR time? Do we need to have a 5 minute argument everytime a Limbo join
  11. Dear DE, are you still working on Railjack content? We haven´t heard about it for quite some time now and since Scarlet Spear it wasn´t really mentioned anywhere. Will we still get the Command Intrinsic and will the Sentient Anomaly continue into something bigger, a real "new War"? Steel Path and Deimos went into a very different direction so I was wondering if we can get some news for Railjack. I personally enjoy this part of the game very much by now, it´s just a little "boring" with basically one mission type.
  12. Well TECHNICALLY they are Kavats, too. Infested Kavats, but still Kavats. They can even be infected by Vasca Kavats during nights on PoE. (and since you can´t use genetic tools on them, you cannot even cure them.)
  13. How can someone miss the point by SUCH a degree. Wow. Read slowly: There. Are. Less. Total. Possible. Loadout-Slots. Than. Warframes. In. The. Game. Did you get it now?
  14. Well I agree here that there should be at least as many loadout slots as there are warframes.
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