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  1. Thanks, but.... You didn´t even address the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Make the new arcana bounties accessible without the need to clear the previous 3 vault bounties. You know already, why.
  2. PS: Don´t underestimate how important it is for people to be rewarded and recognised for what they have achieved and contribute.
  3. I am not MR30, I am far away at MR26. But I feel the MR30 blessings should get more attention and more recognition. At the moment, we have a short window to press "F" to thank the donator of that blessing, but to be honest, I usually don´t even realise who gave it to me. I cannot even read their names. My suggestion is, to display something like "PLAYERXY has donated XYZ to you" in the relay chat and maybe even add a name tag to their corresponding blessing in the hud. (affinity booster by MR.XY 3 hours) I feel the current system isn´t recognising enough what they give
  4. How does this save your progress? Isn´t the mineral, gem or fish just a random resource just like everyting else? A little explanation or maybe even a line from DE would be greatly appreciated!
  5. It´s a horrible idea to gate the new vault bounties behind the old ones. We´ve certainly played them more than enough by now and there´s nothing new to get. Make them accessible directly from mother(s) and please rethink those pesky fracture sealing stages (double the time counter solo). Those are just annoying to do solo. And at the moment, it´s almost impossible to get a random public party for them.
  6. The new vault bounty stage where you need to seal 5 fractures is REALLY a pain to play. It makes me want to stop playing the vault bounties completely. Which I did now. This is not fun.
  7. My guess is, they will tell us that it was never intended that enemies can be inflicted with more than 1 (maybe 2 or 3) status types and that they "fix" it so players don´t feel forced to run status builds. They will call this a buff for weapons with low status chance.
  8. I agree, the Cortege was a huge disappointment for me, especially since the grind for the parts was a real chore. I leveled it for MR and since then it´s just sitting in my inventory, it´s completely useless as it is. I even got a Riven for it but since the disposition is only 0.5, this isn´t worth using either. I imagined the Cortege as a wide cone of punch-through fire which creates burning spots on obstacles or the ground, similar to firewalker. Guess DE will rework and buff it once they realise no one is using it.
  9. Kitgun Rivens are so rare because there are only 4 different ones. I always roll my eyes when I get one from the Sortie rewards because it´s always a duplicate for me and gets dissolved or transmuted right away. They are also not expensive since the disposition is so low that it´s hardly worth using them. Just buy one for cheap.
  10. As you can see, I killed the Exploiter orb, got the Lazulite Toroid (2 with resource booster) and the ton of resources as well as Deck 12 Captura Scene. Oh and thanks for 19 credits! But no Hildryn Part. I collected everything collectible and also used Itzal´s 3 (Cosmic Crush) to vacuum everything on the ground. As far as I understand the Wiki (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hildryn) it should always drop a guaranteed part.
  11. This was not the case after the release of steel path, though. It happened right after one big patch for Deimos. It´s especially noticable when hunting Eidolons or just roaming open world.
  12. And still no fix for the COMPLETELY insane damage output of Grineer units on the Plains of Eidolon? As a reminder: You have apparently buffed the dmg output for the friendly grineer unit on Deimos. Since then, Grineers at BASE LEVEL on the Plains can oneshot lures, warframes and destroy mechs in a split second. Lvl 15 heavy gunners have a dmg output of 18k dps (common lvl 120 heavy gunners have less!). Pay especially attention to those Grattler wielding Grineer units.
  13. The current meta for Eidolons seems to be 177, combined with a Virtuos Shadow Amp Arcane. Virtuos Strike can also work well, it really depends if you´re confident with your headshots. Other prisms seem to be sub optimal with Madurai (dmg buff for the next 8 attacks after leaving void mode). I personally don´t like the 7 scaffold, as it´s a very situational fire type, but it´s working well for multiple hits on eidolons or fast clearing groups of vomvalysts. I suppose you could still go with any scaffold you prefer.
  14. There are a lot of flickering reflections now. For example, go to Fortuna, go to Eudico. There are water puddles on the ground. Walk around and view the reflections from a flat angle, the reflections flicker at a high frequenzy. I never noticed this before. Beta Graphics Engine enabled.
  15. I am still missing the maybe most important dynamic lighting feature here: Explosions do not seem to light the environment. I was testing explosive weapons in Orb Vallis and while there are beautiful shadows now, firing an explosive into these doesn´t light up the environment. This makes it still really artificial. Dynamic lighting for projectiles.... that´s not really a new thing. Maybe time to implement that?
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