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  1. Hey, thanks for the response. I'll do my best to address your points:) It's nice to see they already have a leaderboard system. Although, it seems very dry and uninteresting. I guess my suggestion would be an upgrade or an addition to the system. Honestly I'd rather have it separate. I understand that people can do other stuff. The same way players choose what to prioritize in their activities, the same way they would have to prioritize this. Also, since the veterans have very little to do in the game this would easily fit in their runs. In order to see the amount of people participating I suggest requiring teams or team leaders to craft an entry key as a form of registration process. This could be done a few days before. The event date and time window would be displayed so players have time to prepare. Similar to how players wait every week for Baro to arrive and swarm to the trader when he's there. This would have to be determined by the clan leader. Since well... their the leader. Maybe "elite"is a strong word. More like players who are most active, able to communicate, have the desire to represent the clan. It would be up to the leader to decide. Every clan can have their own system of choosing this is just a suggestion. I think ghost clans would be strengthened with this kind of competition. It would require more communication and forethought on their part. Of course not all would be able to participate but this would give an incentive for these clans to find active players. I assume many people would join clans for this reason alone which would help players make new relationships. From the livestream I gathered that squad link is able to transfer data between at least 2 squads in real time. That's all that is required. The next bracket would be held the following day. Allowing them to get back to their daily activities. I also think it would be a good idea to allow different teams or team members to join the following brackets to allow more people and help with scheduling. The 1v1 aspect is to give the sense of real time competition. To clarify I'm talking about many 1v1s happening at the same time or in the allotted time frame. This seems like a very simple issue to fix by just allowing the clans to customize their trophy room and profile like they are able to customize everything else. It is not mandatory to display a trophy. People who have left or have been kicked from a clan would have their names removed. If there are no names left on the trophy would be dissolved or sent to some graveyard. And yes I'm not suggesting the top 1000 or even 100 gets a trophy, maybe a participation reward of some sorts. Top ten would be great imo since it would have a lot of value. Making the owners stand out from the crowd. Otherwise if everyone's a winner it would kind of defeat the point of competing in the first place. If everyone's a winner then no one is:) As I said I don't have the answer yet on how to pick the initial pool of participants but I think with some thought we can figure it out. Maybe have an entry requirement like a craftable or a mission before the competition starts. This would already put a cap on the number of participating frames. Then the judges (all players) would be presented a bunch of frames to choose from maybe 5-10 at a time. From this bunch they select their 1-3 top picks. They can choose to be presented another bunch until there is enough information averaged through the server to determine the most popular frame designs. You're right that fashion is subjective but the beauty of averaging (or applying some algorithm) is that we can find a patter on which frames stand out. The next few days can be used select the winner. I don't think this would be a major problem but nonetheless I'll try to offer some solutions. If the last round is only 5 people we can solve this by rewarding the equally and call it a day (not too interesting) We can invite a handful of players who are unrelated to the last contestants (not in the clan or friends list) to a judging area like a catwalk or something to be the final judges. Since the last remaining participants would all have amazing looking frames, the final judgement would still reflect the majority of the opinion. We can encourage the popularity contest by reveling the names allowing their reputation or popularity to be taken into consideration. Maybe people would vote for the underdog or choose to go with the mainstream popular candidate. (could be very interesting) I'm not set on the rewards. I would probably have to be something that fashion oriented players like. I'd enjoy doing it:) Everyone's different and sometimes I just find myself sitting around thinking what to do. In that time opening an event page a clicking through some frames would be a nice distraction. Would probably take a few minutes at most. Participation is not mandatory:D I'm not very familiar with how this system will work so can't say if it would be easy to tell who's who. But of course it could be tailored to make it more fair for the competition. It seems like the system would benefit from this sort of an event. Almost like it was made for it. And of course it doesn't need to be used to still make the competition interesting. Again, probably a crafting requirement would be enough to get a pool of people. Also, we can balance the amount of people who can get in by decreasing or increasing the craftables cost. Haha no problem, thanks for your response:) The leaderboards look kind of lame as they are now I'll mine some rocks :DDD
  2. Sure, silver and bronze trophies would be a good addition. I'd suggest some other mats or prime parts as well (whatever seems balanced) As for for the lower clans, there could be a tier based system depending on clan level or aggregated member MR. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out the balance so most people are included.
  3. Hi all, First time posting noob with 200 in mission hours here. Take it as you will but I think this could be great to implement. In my opinion competition makes everything better so both suggestions will have an element of that. Will try to keep this as short as I can so the devs read it. CLAN and/or ALLIANCE based competition. {PVE} I suggest of a mission type where Clans can compete against each other, in real time, using the existing game modes like survival, ESO, etc. Making this a tournament style competition where each clan would send their A team to compete and climb the ladder. This would be something for the most experienced players who know how to make team compositions, min - max their builds, understand spawn timings to complete a certain objective. The use of Squad Link could be used to display a real time score of the opponent teams progress while in match. This could be an elimination, point based or whatever the devs decide style tournament. As long as at the end of the round there is a winner picked who moves on in the bracket to compete in the rest of the tournament. At the end of the tournament the winning clan is rewarded with a trophy which has the tournament number and participating members related to it. This can be displayed in the dojo and the clans profile page. Would be cool to have a dedicated trophy room but that's for someone else to think about. 2. FASHION FRAME competition. A competition of the best looking customized frames in the game. As I imagine it, it would go something like this. A warframe is picked to be the weeks competing fashion frame eg. Mesa People submit their customized Mesas for the competition Once submissions are complete people vote a top 10 or whatever After the amount is reduced to top 3 Lastly the winner is picked Rewarded, you guessed it, a trophy or whatever... gear unique color schemes. Whatever. The Look Link tech shown on twitter would be great for this. The names would be removed so as to not give an advantage to known players. I can not say how to decide who gets to submit a design, that's for smarter minds to figure out. I would limit it to a reasonable amount so the judges(everyone) has an easier time. Please tell me what you think and ask questions since I tried to keep this as short as possible. I think this will bring some much needed competition for those interested in battle and customization. Also it will show off peoples skills and maybe give a bit more interest to the vets. Cheers and thank you, Ed
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