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  1. When firing primary fire at a enemies ragdoll/corpse the fire bounces off them. This has happened a lot vs infested
  2. As seen here: Floating rings show on his left hip. it goes away after using abilities or weapon switch. This happens at the start of the mission.
  3. It wont be, in order to have a fluid transition you can set the gear wheel's to be apart of the game UI and not a menu like it currently is. Menu transitions are a bit wierd in Warframe like hack console, gear wheel and pause menu. If the gear wheel was handled by the in game UI it can skip the menu transition by just simply pinging whats required from the user.
  4. Hmm alright how about: Condensing the gear. Have the Parent and child wheel to enable movement while using the gear wheel so your not a standing target. Use the remaining keys to be quick selects for mobilty and archgun. The weapon switch, melee and primary fire are the only buttons needed for the parent and child gear wheel. The rest of the buttons can be assigned for the mobility and archgun. This has potential for more keybinds on a controller also.
  5. You have to remember that this game is on console too and there wont be enough buttons.
  6. Fair enough, maybe all gear items can have a keybind in a sub menu then so that way anything can be key bound
  7. Hmm i see, Then how about this? A parent and child gear wheel. All gear items are sorted into their relevent catagories in the gear wheel; health gear, ammo gear, shield gear, energy gear, stim gear, beacon gear, offering gear etc. (keeping arch launcher, arch weapon launcher and K-drive seperate) Once a catagory is selected you can cycle through the child gear items with your weapon switch key bind in game, this will show a UI display of whats highlighted, Primary fire will be the key to select the highlighted item. The Melee button will cancel out of this. Loadout would be handled with selecting a gear item which would trigger the game for you to select a catagory on the parent wheel if there is no existing catagory, then a secondary wheel will show to add the item and what order you put them in is what order they will scroll through. With this layout you can move, sprint, jump, bulletjump about while using the gear wheel as the directional buttons, sprint, crouch and jump will be free. The UI could go something like this: change to a half circle that rotates as you choose a catagory so it does not cover the whole screen, once the catagory is selected the parent wheel dips further off the screen making way for the child wheel (like an outer circle)
  8. With the maps of openworld you may want to equip yourself with fishing, k-drive, Archwing launcher and mining gear. This takes up a lot of space on the gear wheel. What do you peeps think? have A B C config's like you do with mod layout to better organise your gear wheel.
  9. Ive been thinking, how about some mods that can help out in overworld? The [Oloro] model uses tractor beams so how about a mod that enables fishing? The lower levels of the mod allow for small sized fish with X distance away, the size and distance is increased with each level (the heavier the fish the slower it is for the moa to fish it but easier for the player to target themselves.) How this would work in game is you have your spear equipped and the Moa starts to fish autonomously. The [Para] model being the offensive type could mine for ores. The lower levels being single cutting point markers, the cutting points are increased to max and the level beyond that allows the moa to get the more difficult cutting points. The moa's ability is similar to a [Focused Nosam Cutter] The way you would expect this to work ingame is either: You would aim your cutter to a vein and while cutting one point your moa would assist with another point. Or. the Moa would interact with the vein on there own and mine away. The [Lambeo] model being the defensive type can share a percentage of its shields to the player. The mod level is in stages of 25% the max level is 100%, Once the player re-equips their weapon the mod deactivates and the shields are returned to the moa. If the moa loses shields while shared to the player only the left over shields are sent back to the moa, only when the mod is deactivated will the moa start to regenerate shields. If the player is equipped with non weapon items this mod will activate, this includes scanners, fishing spears, cutters etc.
  10. When opening a cache the item inside that requires interaction cannot be taken. the interaction prompt does not show regardless of what angle i try to prompt the item to show its interaction. The item in question is one of those ayan stars.
  11. The instance where one would activate the K-Drive it stops all momentum then activates. May i suggest it maintains the momentum to have a more fluid transition?
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