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  1. let me preface this by saying that DE, i love your game with all my soul. i have never disliked an update before (i even thought scarlet spear was fun!) i have also been a long time railjack fan. 29.10 looks great in a lot of ways, but there are some things that are just no. PLEXUS now that battle avionics are player side, toxicity will breed even more in the railjack community. before, the host's railjack was an equaliser for gear. it didn't matter if you were an mr1 who had just finished vor's prize, or an mr30 who's been playing since closed beta. everyone could be equally useful, b
  2. OllyDG

    Too Grindy

    this actually happened to me lmoa, i never used pistols until like 500 hours in because hornet strike had never dropped for me
  3. OllyDG

    Too Grindy

    came in expecting the usual "game sucks theres rng" post, but i seriously agree with this. DE, if you're listening, please add an orphix venom style grind currency. thx <3
  4. thanks, but this misses the (rather big) fact that railjack forged resources regen now without having to be forged, so idk what else it could have missed. seriously thanks tho :)
  5. i haven't had the time to sit down and watch the full VOD, so i've had to skim through it. while i'm pretty sure i've got everything, with update talk like this i really don't wanna miss critical information. thanks :)
  6. warframe has always been, and will always be, an action tps. but to say it doesn't change ever would be a lie. sure, the entire game world isn't shaken to it's core like in The Second Dream every other weekend, but there's consistently been changes/updates. some of them good (heart of deimos, deadlock protocol, railjack 2.0), some of them.... less so.... (nights of naberus, some of the railjack 3.0 stuff, scarlet spear) but they're all pretty meaty updates.
  7. that's all i ask of you de. just one little button. if every crewmate has to have their own, really good, gear then far less people will actually be able to play railjack. i'm only able to rope clanmates into playing with me because "I already did the grind for the good gear, you can just shoot the guys". the HARNESS system is a great idea for random games, but sometimes it's best to let the host set up avionics.
  8. i've recently made the switch to mouse+keyboard and i've noticed for some reason the TAP TO ROLL/HOLD TO CROUCH keybind is missing? when i configure controller binds it's right there, but it's nowhere to be found in the keyboard settings. this would be really useful to have back in pc, idk how it even vanished. picture of the option in controller settings; https://imgur.com/a/ZXEUW9u
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