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  1. yeah but then DE would have to balance instead of just going "build diversity cant do S#&$ sorry"
  2. Can't stand to see people actually selling this thing for real plat, so for one bronze-tier mod (i am open to offers of fish) one (or more, i can give you multiple if youre not just buying to resell) ignis wraith blueprint can be yours! edit: have since been removed from clan, can no longer sell. mod please lock.
  3. previously, all crewmates used the equipment of the host's railjack, this meant that as long as host was good, everyone else also was good. if DE introduced a "use host plexus" button then it wouldnt rly be an issue but this is DE so
  4. update: hunted my first lich post-3.0, found out they flee to railjack now. DE WHY DO YOU ADD THE GOOD PARTS AFTER RUINING THE FOUNDATION
  5. -I was more meaning the resources being disconnected, but nonetheless good point. If DE is planning to add more stuff, then it's fine. -The Plexus is great among players at an equal gear level, awful otherwise. Either a noob joins a high level mission and is total dead weight, or a pro joins a noob's mission and takes the limelight for themselves (which is a-ok if the noob's cool with it, but speaking from experience as a low level player it does sometimes suck to have people optimise you out of your own mission). -I was an engineer role main in 2.0 so I'm a *little* biased, but again you make some good points. I still think they couldve at least *tried* command intrinsic with old forge before just reworking everything. -Don't have much to add on this one, we're both in agreement -I was meaning more mission *types*. Right now we have Skirmish with grineer, or just regular mission but with railjack flair with corpus.
  6. honestly yeah, railjack 1.0 was my favourite too but i'm willing to accept that im the minority here and for most people railjack 2.0 was better. still not convinced anyone ever asked for railjack 3.0 though.
  7. DE, you seem to do this thing where you make an incredibly solid and fun foundation with a few flaws, then throw the entire thing out for a far worse foundation that *still has the same flaws* when the original is not 100% perfect. Ignoring the obvious "needing to forma plexus" cashgrab, here's a comparison of issues in 2.0 compared to 3.0 Railjack 2.0 issues: -Content is disconnected from all other content -People don't really work together as a team -There's very clear "superior" gear and all other gear is worthless -Lack of railjack nodes Railjack 3.0 issues: -Content is still disconnected from everything else, though very slightly less so due to railjack defense and the like -The Plexus actively discourages working as a team with people below your gear level, as they'll be dead weight. -The removal of the Forge also makes it so there's barely any teamwork beyond shooting at the same guys (which tbf is just warframe) -There's still superior railjack gear -You now also have superior *warframe* gear for railjack, as you now use warframe energy for railjack abilities. You now have to either make a bunch of energy pizzas or get off guns every 5 seconds to spam zenurik dash when it previously just worked. -Still no new railjack missions Overall, you've made railjack more tedious for veterans, and more hostile for newbies, while still leaving it a content island. Most of these changes would be fine, but warframe energy for abilities in particular is so baffling that I have no clue why you implemented it.
  8. (hate to necro threads, but bug report guidelines say i gotta so eh.) I'm also experiencing this glitch, it sucks :(
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