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  1. Its not the most powerful glaive. but its not weak either. Maybe you're not modding it correctly?
  2. Both these trading related bugs have been around for more than a year I believe. Is it ever going to get fixed? Or we just have to accept it as part of the game?
  3. There's no way to kick player from squad, so if you're dropping out from pub squad, could be your internet connection issue
  4. But what's the overall thrall/minute rate? I'd rather do 3x4mins capture with 8 thralls each than 2x6mins spy mission with max spawn of 10 thralls each
  5. I don't agree. One reason SP was introduced was to provide "harder content". Buffing guns basically defeats the purpose of introducing "harder content". Harder content + more powerful weapons = normal content -> back to square one Also I'd argue that SP is not really that popular anyway. Outside of dailies and SE farming, i doubt most players bother to do SP
  6. Slash damage isn't actually strong Its the Bleed (Slash Status Effect) that is strong And its only strong because Bleed deals true damage (ignores shields). A level 100 heavy gunner has 95.55% damage reduction from armor. That means Bleed damage does 1/(1-99.55%) damage = x 222 times / 22200%
  7. Well depends on map type For those with narrow corridors and tight spaces i.e. Eris, then player using melee and sprinting ahead will kill everything fast. Then again, sprinting ahead and killing everything with warframe powers with zero melee/gun usage also happens. Maps with big wide open rooms and open world let guns shine
  8. I've tried to sum up the current argument for balancing: 1. Melee is much more powerful than guns 2. No one uses guns anymore Conclusion: Guns need to be buffed While "1" is true, I feel "2" is false. I haven't seen any usage stats on it, but I see other players in my pub squad using guns all the time. My point of view: 1. For level 1-60 content, "effective" power level is pretty much equal (AoE guns probably have and even highest effective DPS than melee) 2. For level 60-120 content, melee starts to be a bit more effective though probably only signifi
  9. This was true in the old system when lich kill murmurs were not shared with the squad. But now that they are shared, it kind of balances out.
  10. Please make Mark Of The Beast mod linkable in chat
  11. In there a published figure for the Ayatan Scuplture Spawn chance & Ayatan Star drop rate? Just curious to know
  12. I cant find the channel/video you are referring to. What's the content creator's name or channel name?
  13. Are you saying melee is 2x 5x 10x or 100x more powerful than guns? Lets assume they are 10x more powerful When I do Sortie, Kuva Flood, Max Level Kuva Lich or Fissure Kuva Survival for 60mins, my guns are very capable of killing the enemies. So being able to do 10x damage wont make a whole lot of difference I not saying they are a gauge of power levels. I'm saying that for probably 90% of the gameplay happening in warframe, the power difference doesnt make any practical difference. Enemy with 5k Effective Health will die all the same whether you do 5k, 50k or 500k dama
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