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  1. Just did a Void Storm - Exterminate, the enemies stopped spawning at 94/97, and we had to abort
  2. Actually Condition Overload is pretty useless for the majority of gameplay Pretty much 99% of star chart enemies die in 1-2 hits from a regular Primed Pressure Point build You might actually be doing less damage with condition overload in <level 60 missions
  3. For the timed Assassination & Exterminate missions in the Cetus bounty, please increase the enemy spawns. Ideally if we need to kill X number of enemies, then X number of enemies should be already spawned at the location when the timer starts. Of at the very least 50% should be spawned when timer starts. Or have a mechanic where each kill adds X seconds to the timer like in Timed Nightmare mode
  4. Companions (Kubrow, Smeeta, Venari, etc) keep standing at the front right side of the warframe which keeps getting in the way of glaive throws extremely annoying, especially when the suddenly teleport infront of you Please adjust the companion AI so that they stand somewhere else, maybe front left, or further away from glaive throw path
  5. Experienced Host Migrations at the end of mission After exiting corpus ship, there was no Railjack Could not teleport back with Omni Could not teleport to crew Had to abort mission
  6. -Room is too big -Too many levels -Enemies spawn far away and take forever to run to the middle -There's always enemies that get lost and stay around spawn rooms Its just terrible
  7. I get it that sometime a better offer comes along. Just say "changed my mind" or "not buying anymore" or "just bought" or any number of other excuses Some seem to treat the "ignore" function as the "close tab" function
  8. The loot buff didn't trigger even once during the entire 40mins before your loot stopped spawning?
  9. This happens at least once a day: [12:00]ABC: Hi! I want to buy: XXX for XXX platinum. (warframe.market) [12:00]Me: Ok, I'll invite [12:01]Me: Invite sent [12:02]Me: You there? Still need? [12:02]ABC: User is ignoring you. I've been Ignored literally seconds after receiving the PM
  10. I was doing Plains of Eidolon bounty Upon exit I somehow gained 10,428 Steel Median standing, 5,214 Arbiters of Hexis standing, and lost -10,428 Perrin Sequence standing - I had Perrin Sequence sigil equiped - I had already fully gained my entire daily syndicate standing amount
  11. This will never be fixed. Consider it just another feature of the game
  12. Void Storm Volatile Mission - Reactor Room way point not marked on minimap
  13. I only use Bloodrush+weeping wounds with Xoris and have not noticed any issues Other glaives like pathocyst and glaive prime I just build for heavy attack
  14. Cannot paste text with CTRL-C into chat Solution: Go to "Options" -> "Display" and change the display mode. Only works sometimes
  15. Player invited to dojo will spawn in Railjack instead of normal spawn location Solution: ask player to press "Esc" and use Fast Travel to go to any Lab or Vault
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