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  1. I've skipped the lich creation twice now, really easily and in 5-6 hours of playing have not encountered any bugs in missions or on the POE. So I would like to know what the OP thinks is a problem.
  2. Haven't spent too much time in the new update, but I am pretty happy with the changes I have seen. For starters, I don't have the weapons or mods everyone on PC said got nerfed and I didn't spend enough time in game to look for a lich. Melee is awesome at least for my general play style. Atlas Prime with Tekko Prime is just a face smashing machine no stopping to punch just constant forward progress while smashing faces. The Mewan Zaw as a polearm is quite smooth. With the manual blocking you can quickly build the combo counter blocking a gatling turret on the planes. Broken War is also pretty solid from the little playing I did. The big change I really like is the new lighting. The Grineer ship tiles around Saturn look so much better. The lights put light where they are pointing no just flood the entire area. The tile in the following pic was so dark you could not make out any details. Didn't see any change in the Jupiter city tile sets or on the Planes in the little playing I did. better lighting by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr
  3. With the names I have seen, I am thinking the person who programmed the name generator either is twelve or hated the entire lich idea.
  4. I agree being able to adjust the camera should be a thing. Someone made a mod to do it in Skyrim and Fallout 4 so it should be easy to do in this game.
  5. I agree it would be nice to be able to move them from one thing to another as they are essentially just a mod.
  6. The problem with trying to fine tune AoE abilities to be line of sight is that DE would need to give every in game asset a lot of unnecessary coding. Because if we were honest some abilities and weapons would put enough holes or out right obliterate things we would be venting any ship's atmosphere into space. Its space ninja magic and doesn't need to be grounded in more real life physics, because that leads to the game being less fun.
  7. Depending on the thread you read, this could be accurate.
  8. Probably cause the Xbox One and the PS4 would both have computer equivalents of a stroke and epileptic shock trying to load all the blood and gore ontop of all the fashionframe glowy sparkly color vomit.
  9. I don't have a stock pile of forma, unless three is a stock pile. Personally I might rank a weapon up just for the mastery fodder, but if I don't like it, it will collect dust or get sold. I think the problem is Old Blood was supposed to put a brake on the murder everything and complete everything in minutes failed because even with all the complaints about the grind; it seems that most players who have the update have already killed one or two litchs and are bored.
  10. Well this was kind of a downer, as I somehow got two of the Lua assention/puzzle things in one mission and did the first one no problem. Then I was trying this one, failed and got stuck in this room. So I tried to see if there was a way out, and after 15-20 minutes of nothing I had to abort the mission. Neither door opened and I didn't get teleported back to the beginning. Warframe (2) by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr
  11. I'm on usually in the morning, as I'm on vacation. Usually long enough till it warms up and I can go work in the garage. I tend to run everything solo, but I generally get groups when I do go to open play.
  12. Along with aggravating Ordis and all our robot pets.
  13. Actually it would be nice if you could mod Landslide separately like you can Valkyr's claws. They are nearly the same concept, except landslide is impact and claws are slash. Energy boxing gloves, that way you don't need a stat stick.
  14. I've also seen that people don't like Lotus or Nora, but if you have more than likely two hours in the game you wouldn't hear any of the new dialog Ordis or the Lotus has. And the thing is, the game does need some influx of new players to actual stay in the game and play it and eventually spend money on it, because the game doesn't get new features or content if people aren't giving DE money. Most games with rescue missions punish you for just tossing a grenade into the room with the hostage, with the hostage dying. Its a pretty standard game mechanic in first and third person shooters and its not that hard when you get close to the hostages to just slow down and aim. I get that isn't how most people play the game, but actually having to stop and think or slow down and aim would make the game more challenging without buffing enemies or nerfing players. And self damaging weapons are another thing in most games, because again using an RPG or grenade launcher in close quarters is obviously a bad idea. With a larger weapon and ability load out choice than almost any other game, you can use that to your advantage in missions where nuke everything in 30 seconds is not the best way to accomplish it.
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