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  1. My intention was to never mock any of the Destiny players. 

    And really, the difference is incredibly obvious.

    In WF, the amount of hate here is balanced out, while in Destiny it seems as though positivity is clouded by fanboys and the negative criticisms is just blocked away with insults.




    this post is a prime example of how this user puts up a valid argument, and then starts calling those who disagree with a "casual"

    At least the negative critisism there isnt blocked out by the actual makers of the game

  2. "The great jester, Wiawyr, lies dead, slain by moderator. Lesser clans, ranks innumerable, are poised to slowly steal victory from our rightful grasp. They believe us sundered. They could not be more wrong.

    I, Ravvs, Princess of Warbros, beseech you to take up arms. Once more will we look down upon the hordes and drink their tears. Once more will our dojo shine bright with the golden gleam of victory. Look to the great statue of Uncle Ruk and remember Martialis. We will soon remind forum babbies that we are #1.

    Warbros strong like ox, we carry our burden to victory.

    Warbros like broom, we sweep away the competition.

    Warbros number one, now and forever."



    Get 'em guys..

    Preach it

  3. 2ywwcwh.jpg


    Blueprints for 100000 plats. We're faster than DE with Primes!





    Anyway we really need a way to use some materials, I play since this summer and I already have so many alloy plates that I don't even know how I can possibly use.

    CHILL WITH THE PLATS< Perfect world hasent made their move yet

  4. Because Warbros always finish first. Even if you put the finish line in hell, Warbros would get there first, before all the people they sent to hell. Just cause.

    im crying. Warbors is rapidly cathing up to soy sauce union, a clan with around 800 active members.

    Warbros has like 100 active members.

  5. ^ This. Any thread questioning certain clans have always been quick to...be thrown into the Void shall we say?


    Other than that, our clan is not interested in grind-winning this event, so I don't mind as long as everyone plays fair ;P

    the event... was not very well dessined. Its come to the point where the general stragy is to have one person with 15 exposure carry everyone with 200+ exposure, then leave ( so they maintain 15 exposure) and let the people with 200+ exposure get more exposure. 

    Also the whole concept of competeing to get more radiaion and cancer in your warframe is very lore killing. (sorry for the run on sentances)

  6. FINALLY I've been waiting for this recruitment thread to open for like 6 months and I am SUPER hyped.


    About my self: I've played warframe for five minutes in open beta and then it crashed. Then I started playing in update 11 and now im a rank 10.

    IGN: honk1234

    Otaku stuff: my favorite game(s) are the borderlands series. I also play some tf2, counter strike, im getting into lol and smite. I love pizza and choclate milk and crispy french fries. I also love/hate food porn (T-T I cant make any of it)

    Fav "fandom": well.... I have a tumblr... And I ended up in a huge load of anime fandoms, and the whole warframe tag.  

    I just got my mic set up for team speak and Ill be testing it later today

  7. try joining another clan. at your rank i dont know how you would obtain the forma and why you would need a reaserch lab when most of the weapons are of mastery rank 4 and 6

  8. Back in my days when i was trying to farm stalker (&!$$ed off my his latest unfair victory) i killed Nef like20 times a day, waiting for his e-mail but nothing.... after a month of a whole lot of nothing i went into a boss fight with Phorid and guess what? i got an email after the first fight O.o


    Not even Stalker considers Nef a boss



    really? lol everytime i kill nef anyo there it is. that Nef anyo email. I swear the stalker is just nef anyo in a gimp suit

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