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  1. Just happened. Had a good group of people on a survival mission. Was upgrading and equipping a relic for the second part of the survival run. If you select to upgrade a relic while the countdown timer starts, and you equip it just as the mission starts you get the message "Equipping" and you're unable to do anything. Not move, attack, chat etc.
  2. I do, every now and again. Depends on my mood and if I'm missing anything. Lately though, I've been doing Tier 3 vaults repeatedly. Kinda fell in love with doing those.
  3. As should you. Talking down to a fellow Tenno because they have concerns isn't very Tenno-ish. And people have a right to be wary of Tencent. There are games which have both suffered and made progress under the reign of Tencent. Not to mention that many people (rightfully) have a mistrust in Chinese companies. Not all are bad, and in my opinion Tencent is a toss up and can go either way. What I'm worried about is pricing be jacked as happens in a lot of Tencent owned games. We'll see. Like I said, can go either way. What I like is that DE said they'd stay in control of things. If
  4. It's 2021, I started playing Warframe a little over a year ago. I met some nice, and not some nice Tenno during this time. But I've had fun and enjoyed the company of you, my fellow Tenno. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. May 2021 make your wishes come true.
  5. I agree with you, 100%. I'm glad DE is surviving and thriving, but not sure how I feel about this acquisition.
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