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  1. Today I bought sands of inaros scene from baro. When I went to the quests window, I couldn't access that quest. When I checked in the inventory, the blueprint was missing. Idk what's up with that. A little help maybe? There's still 12+ free slots in my inventory.
  2. I purchased the sands of inaros scene from baro today, plus an aura forma from tactical alert I had completed before. It's all gone.
  3. I wish the drop failure could be resolved. I tried: Unlink twitch from Warframe account management page. Disconnect Warframe from Twitch Re-link twitch with Warframe And then I confirmed the connection in both places But it neither shows the drops are enabled on Twitch nor that I have received any drops in the in-game inbox It's been the 5th stream now T__T It was rude to not wish [DE]Rebecca before I start commenting So, 🎂 Happy Birthday Rebecca! 🎂
  4. It's 4 in the morning for me. Not a big deal tenno🦉
  5. It says the stream starts at 0430 hrs IST, huh. 😐
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