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  1. This is my first time typing a reply thingy on a hotfix, let alone any update of sorts, so pardon me for being a bit too clueless and awkard ^_^; The hotfixes are interesting and the whole rising tides update was a crazy new addition that i jumped in my seat the moment i realized my liset had a sunroof and how much bigger the interior got XD. Enthusiasm aside, i kinda want to speak about a bug that seems to be cropping up around with the Chimera Prologue (i'll be as vague as possible, but take this as a spoiler warning i guess to anyone who still hasnt made it to this quest yet) In the first part, after chasing "the man in the wall", and fighting off his spectral minions in Lua, i jumped down into the Lotus' chamber again where they sorta do a flashback to the Apostasy prologue. After walking down the hall and with "the man on the wall" mocking the operator, he goes into some sort of portal thingy. I jump into the portal and everything flashes white and fills with loud ambient noise. I thought it was part of the quest, so i give it some time. 5 minutes later i kinda felt like maybe it was a bug or something, so i started to see if i could move around. I could. The entire Screen was glowing a bright white, and my entire fov was stretched out a bit, the light only fading when i went to the starting area of the Lotus' chamber. This was also happening to some other Tenno too on reddit and the Warframe community discord, so i thought it may be a good idea to bring it up here. I kinda felt bummed because i just recently did The Sacrifice the other day and even after that emotional roller coaster, i was eager to find out what happens next. Many thanks for the updates and hotfixes and stuff, and i hope you guys can take a look at the Chimera Prologue quest whenever possible! [edit: Below is a link to my screenshot of what it looks like when moving around in the glitched/bugged state that occurs every time i try to enter the portal] https://www.dropbox.com/s/9q6dwkddl3h2knu/Warframe0109.jpg?dl=0
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