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  1. If you get run over by the hijack vehicle while in a mercy animation it will lock up your character entirely. You cannot unstuck, there is no operator form, you cannot attack or even switch weapons.
  2. I don't really see why I should have to go open the blast door...... On a side note I've been seeing weird level generation on the "Grineer Galleon" tileset like finding the end while looking for caches and not having opened the blast door. There was a glitch on this tileset that prevented a mission from being completed today too when I was doing a lith survival fissure there was a permanently locked door which the exit was on the other side of. I was able to finish the mission with some handy wall clipping skills I've picked up over the years but even after explaining how to do it the two noobs in the group were unable to escape and extract, may their frames rest in peace.
  3. it might be the skybox to something but it doesn't look like the vallis I could be wrong but still it's got all those glowy bits and doesn't look like the vallis much EDIT: actually it does look like the background to the vallis around the edges youre probably right
  4. no cant stand on it there was an out of bounds barrier around it, it was near enrichment labs sorta near the garage where the wheely bois spawn
  5. What do yall think it could have been or what it could be?
  6. I haven't seen many people talking about it but since the old blood you hold fishing spears (at least the lanzo spear) in the wrong hand and after you catch a fish there is a full 5 seconds where you cannot move, re-throw your spear, or swap weapons essentially a full game lock-up.
  7. It is an execution, not being killed by damage, same sorta thing but execution is death period. You get forced death no matter what even if you phoenix renewal or other anti-death in place.
  8. He is damageable. When rhino has iron skin and runs a mission you will see that rhino took no damage on the stats at the end. When a lich has iron skin it also makes him appear to be taking no damage but even when you hit 0 you are applying damage to his armor so just keep hitting him till it breaks.
  9. Cheese it with zephyr and energy pads if you can for now that's the best solution.
  10. Yeah people have been posting this including me in the forums and sadly they didn't fix it in today's hotfix. I was mad so I went into practice for the test today and you can use gear items that are bound to hotkeys so I ended up finally finishing it today by flying with zephyr and energy pads. Seems like you'll have to cheese it for now rip ppl without zephyr.
  11. This has been happening to everyone still no hotfix
  12. ok they seriously need to fix this S#&$ i'm pissed this is 3 days now in a row I managed to bullet jump up on each aw power up and got to 38 kills but the even bullet jumping up towards the powerup spawned me in the floor again eventually wtf are moderators doing they should be reading this bugs section and hotfixing core components of the game like this also they should reset everyone's rankup test cooldown if it's the mr 25 test after hotfix because this is the game breaking and costing players time
  13. Yeah I made a thread about this a lil bit ago too
  14. I thought this was just me but yeah since the update they just run behind them then get stuck in that position and never fire.
  15. I've failed the test to rank up to 25 the last 2 days in a row now because the archwing pickups in the test spawn you in your archwimg in the floating platforms and you can't do anything then. This isn't cool at all especially with the 24 hr wait on something I can't control failing me. This is a screenshot from the middle platform if you go straight forward from spawn and it's where I got stuck yesterday too. If you try to /unstuck it just moves you slightly but still in the floor.
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