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  1. I can't believe I missed this one! I just watched it late. Thanks for the shoutout in the contest!
  2. I've heard of a moon in Saturn's rings, Where the fight is won and justice sings, I've heard it's out there and I've gone away, I ride the railjack night and day And I know I'll reach that moon someday. I've heard of a path up to that moon, So I ride the trade lanes, to find it soon, It's covered with riches that lead the way I've left room in my cargo bay, 'cause I know I'll find that path someday. I've heard of a man who knows that path, He's sailed the void, with all its wrath, He fights for justice and he clears the way, He'll board my railjack right away, Whenever I find that man, someday. I've searched many years for that mythic land And I've traveled the stars with many a band But I haven't seen man, moon, or way to point me to them, so I stray among the stars, I'll stop someday. It's for a place like this that we fight, Our engines run both day and night The infestation cannot stay, Grineer and Corpus run away! We're going to stop them all someday. Come seek the moon in Saturn's rings Where the fight is won and justice sings No enemy will ever take away Our railjack crew, the strong and brave Will find that void-blessed land someday. ---------- Inspired by the many old sailor-songs that focus on dreams and goals of the sailors. I just figured the Tenno cause is a little more noble than the mere pursuit of treasure and attractive women.
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