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  1. Feel free to message me with any interest or questions! Every kavat for sale here is a smeeta Tufted/Guppy dreg red doubles (A1 and B2 are also double executioner grey. Red energy on all except B2, which has ice white) All 120p a pair of imprints. Some I have 3 or 4 prints on- If you're a breeder and want any additional prints beyond a pair, feel free to ask. B2 sold Triples All sold out! Solids Column 1 kavats are 650p, columns 2 and 3 are 600p, or feel free to offer.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Completed a full run of Murex (5 murex killed). UI was half-visible the whole time for me and one other team member-- other two saw UI. Me and the UI lacking member received no credit on the leaderboard for the run, and got no credits. VISUAL: Unfortunately none REPRODUCTION: Do a Murex run, from the start the UI will show the ship health but never the oplink health, killcode progress, Murex killed, etc. Only ship health and minimap. This happened from the start for us, and at the end of the run, we got no credit. EXPECTED RESULT: Should have had functioning UI, and should have gotten credit for our run. OBSERVED RESULT: UI shows ship health only, and no credit received. REPRODUCTION RATE: This has happened about half of the Murex runs I try to do, making it impossible for me to progress my rank/badge for this mode, and impossible to farm credit.
  3. This phrasing "Every Kill Code gets you Scarlet Credits - the longer you stay, the more Credits those Kill Codes are worth." is what made me think the point total was calculated at the end, when you're done gaining kill codes, so every code is worth the same highest value when you extract. If the "older" kill codes don't gain value/running the longest possible run only gets you 2565 points, that's... a MAJOR yikes.
  4. It says that the points are per kill code. 53 kill codes (maximum) multiplied by 90 points per kill code is 4770.
  5. I did my calculations with the ground mission numbers according to the chart. Scaling was accounted for. In space, a maximum kill code run (53) awards 4505 credits. Still low, compared to the item costs. Edit: Basically, I used the exact table provided by DE. If I messed something up and it's even lower somehow, then my point is even more supported, haha. Not saying this needs to be exactly on par with Plague Star, but running that for the first time was MUCH more fun and rewarding because I could actually grab a reward every run/every other run. It felt like progress was made. Versus with this event, it feels super slow, and like I'm FORCED to sit down and do a huge long 17 kill run at once, otherwise it's just straight up not worth it.
  6. If I'm reading the chart right, you do 17 condrix in one ground mission, get 53 kill codes, and they're worth 90 points each? So, 53*90= 4770. That's a LONG mission for only less than 5k points, when a single weapon is 20k, max rank arcane 20k or 30k. Compare to Plague Star, where you can get 3000 standing ("credits") for one run with maximum phylaxis and catalyst. A 3k standing Plague Star run involved killing 4 hemocytes, which I'll call comparable to one condrix each (even though I think a hemocyte is WAY faster to kill). Sure, there's that quick setup thing at the beginning, which barely takes any time, let's say it's one to two condrix. Therefore, I think 5-6 condrix awarding 3k credits would be more in line with Plague Star. Instead, for 3k credits, you'd need... 42 kill codes, at 75 points each, which is 14 condrix kills. I see comparing this event to Plague Star as fair because the costs per item are similar. Therefore, I can understand, comparing to previous events, why people say the drop rate of credits is very strange and low. Edit to add before people point out: 42 kill codes at 75 points each is 3150 credits, which overshoots the 3k run I was comparing it to. However, doing a 41 kill code run only awards 41*70 credits, for a total of 2870, hence why I went with the 42 kill code number for my comparison.
  7. The payout is definitely really weird. 800 points for a 30 minute run, compared to 3k per MUCH shorter Plague Star run, with the weapons/rewards costing about the same. I get we're all quarantined/bored, but it's less encouraging to grind when progress is just... sooo slow.
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  9. This is the most up to date kavat price guide: This is just a community made suggestion guide, though, so of course you're welcome to ask whatever you'd like. Your smeeta has fennec/fox ears and a mermaid tail, which is priced at 80-120p for a set of prints.
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  11. I know we have minimal info on the whole genetic heritage/buffs/traits thing, but I think a neat way to keep it "fair" to existing pets would be to add the classic "nature vs nurture" debate into it. Perhaps your pet is bred with a specific trait, and maybe by mixing pets with the same trait, it can get stronger as generations pass. But also, for people who don't want that sort of investment, "nurture" could come into play. Maybe through Master Teasonai, or some other mean, you could re-select what bonus your companion has, or enhance it through training or something similar. So you could get the same bonus as a companion bred with it, but through a different method. This could be fair to old/existing pets and new ones, and also could benefit differing play styles (people who enjoy breeding kavats and kubrow, or those who would rather invest standing or other resources instead). Plus, there's that bonus of referencing a very genuine debate in science. 🙂 Edit to add: My MAIN concern with all of the new changes, personally, is keeping things fair to old companions (those loyal, multi-forma'd pets people are used to) and new ones. I have kavats I've crossed dozens of times to get the perfect look I want naturally. Sure, I could do it again and pop on a trait I want, but I want to keep the ones I have, and I know many people do as well (especially given how many are around that are based on late real life pets). But I still want to have a cool new feature to play with in my mixes, too.
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