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  1. I've had this a couple times lately, worse is that I get a reward anyway, but can't choose which, already lost one rare due to this bug. https://imgur.com/HTzjfJV
  2. There is a bug where tethering a lure with Magus Lockdown and killing that lure before Magus Lockdown damage kills it will bug that Lure making it unable to move.
  3. The only thing I wish is they returned the triple cut combo as it was one of my favourites and now i can rarely use it because trash mobs always die before reaching the full E+W combo.
  4. In Destiny 2 we can access all the menus anytime anywhere, in loading screens and any mission. it would be nice in Warframe, even if we couldn't change or interact. We can't even see link builds in Simulacrum. Also, asking the 20 or something ppl in my friendlist if they would like to do some particular activity and just chatting in general would be much easier if we could create chat groups.
  5. I would love to, but as you can imagine, I can't turn back time to test it before Gauss was released and compare it to it's current state.
  6. By the same logic, you and your squadmates not feeling any such nerf is not a replacement for playtesting data or patch notes. I run high str Volt often and both me and my squadmates have felt such nerf.
  7. When Gauss launched Volt got a massive nerf to it's Speed ability (2). Yes, I know they made the animation slower, but the ability buff is also slower, I have talked to a bunch of people about this and they agree, Volt's 2nd ability got nerfed. Which sucks honestly, not only it was very expensive to make the ability really fast before, but now even at 309% Ability Strength it feels pretty slow, and on top of that the running animation when using the ability also got slowed down, which makes the ability feel even slower than it already is. So please revert the changes to Volt as it was before Gauss update. they suck honestly. I don't mean to be rude, but that's what it is. Also the old electric visuals on the abilities looked better than the new ones.
  8. Baruuk needs the Gauss treatment so bad, it needs a buff badly, not only is the exalted not very good, but you spend more time keeping the meter full/empty than using the melee.
  9. This is very nice and all, but what i really wish is they made finishers start with X instead of E so I can melee cc'd enemies instead of having to finish them all one by one. The stances look dope af also.
  10. That's interesting, I kinda want to try it, but I've also given up on using it by now. It is great for teralyst, but for the bigger guys it just doesn't work most of the time. I think the amp is sorta working as intended, it just goes crazy with the eidolons' strange hitboxes, idk...
  11. You could say, but Solaris is rather easy to max, takes a while but it's easy really. Klamora is now superior to most amp parts when it comes to Eidolon, so it kinda makes sense that's it's difficult to obtain. It can be very strong when buffed and used at it's most. T2 Prism is still top tier and easier to obtain.
  12. As stated in my post, that doesn't work well on gaunt and hydro.
  13. Cyanex was pretty bad already now it's badder (?)
  14. So, I watched this video: https://youtu.be/oXDfl-fiRLg As it turns out they fixed Klamora Prism, and it is pretty good now. I tested it myself and I was very happy about this at first. I think this is a great change for the game. It's great having an amp that is great for Eidolons even without having to use Void Strike, Virtuos Shadow/Strike/Fury, Unairu Wisp and Volt Shields all at the same time. Needing all of the previous to do actual good damage to the Eidolon shields creates a huge player gap where players are either terrible or great against Eidolons, which is not good for the game. With Klamora Prism being good even without using Void Strike makes a solid Amp for 3x3s and such. So, what is the problem with Klamora Prism? The problem is that it does this thing where it will collide with stuff and the beam diverts to some random direction. I don't know if this is intended, but it severely cripples the damage output of the Amp. Specially against Gauntalyst and Hydrolist, and even more when they're coming out of the water, I can't find an angle from which they can be hit properly, since the beam needs to multihit the Eidolon on it's full extend to reach it's full damage potential. https://imgur.com/a/QAr0zd6 Conclusion: Klamora Prism is pretty good as it is right now, however this thing where the beam diverts on colliding with the Eidolons severely cripples it's damage, making it bad against Gauntalyst and Hydrolist. I hope this gets fixed and the beam always goes straight where it is pointed instead, at least when pointed against enemies, this would make it a great choice for 2x3s and 3x3s, which is great for the game.
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