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  1. HAHA, BUT, YOU SEEEEEE! There's this little mod called "True Punishment", which doubles combo count per hit! Quickening, too, has a 20% chance to give the same effect (and I already stack Quickening and Berserk on really slow weapons). With those two mods, you gain 120% additional combo count chance. With Exodia Triumph, it can reach 170%! So without either efficiency or duration mods, it would still be a very viable mod, given that you're gaining 2~3 combo points per hit, letting you slam with a few hundreds of extra damage percentage every minute easily. When it comes to hammers, which have the largest radius as well as I believe the greatest slam multiplier, I find Crushing Ruin's foward block to be very good at racking up points, while zipping around the map. Coupled with the Arca Titron's passive, which also amplifies slam damage and radius, you could have hilarious results. Also, the Redeemer with Punishment gets 20 (TWENTY) points per shot, given its ten pellets. Four shots equals +400% slam damage and +8m radius, damn. I have to look into how slam damage actually works, but even with crit chance greater than 100% the slam damage may not crit. It may not apply status either. Might be bugframe, might be secret mechanics, who knows. Try it yourself.
  2. +100% slam damage and +2m slam radius per combo stack consumed (I'd first thought of +100% radius, but that'd cover hundreds of meters). Could be a dash, nine points, "Earthshaking Strength". Also these: And you could say Body Count isn't necessary since we have Drifting Contact with a 2s difference. It's a neat alternative for Blood Rush builds, though it may be overkill. I agree on the rest.
  3. Obviously, these wouldn't be designed to be mindlessly stackable. If it gives crit it'll probably depend on not having a high crit chance in the first place, same for other key stats (maybe it gives a flat unmodifiable bonus to weapons with 5% base crit, and is not as OP as maiming strike). Don't the take the stuff I threw out as a serious attempt at balance. The idea behind many of these is to be an alternative for highly competitive slots, being more open than the exilus slot, adding stuff like punch through and reload speed at the cost of some dps. As well as giving way to jankier choices such as the silence-dependant example, playing with previously unviable builds or specific gimmicks like the one setting an unchangeable magazine size. Well, yes. Part of the point is that they wouldn't work on every weapon, they're conditionals. I do agree that dynamic conditionals would be much more usable, even interesting, and honestly the math you showed looks stellar, but it's no reason to discard statics. They both can exist, at least the gimmicks which would not be doable as a dynamic mod.
  4. *shatters ur impact* Pshh...... nothing personnel.
  5. I quite like your idea of dynamic mods, I would also enjoy to theorise with them. But why do you think the static conditionals are bad for modding? I can't see why both couldn't exist.
  6. There's a decent amount of "on X gain Y while aiming" but they only see use when stacking crit or status chance, because they're both cumbersome and mostly weaker than their plain counterparts. What if there were mods whose trigger are stats, instead? They could give special bonuses if you avoid something, such as "if weapon lacks elemental damage mods, +150% critical damage and status chance" to make physical dmg and innate elemental more popular, "if weapon is silent, +90% damage, +40% reload speed" and "if [ability stat] is below/above X%, +Y% [other warframe stat]", "if less than three elemental damage mods are equipped, +X% status chance", "if weapon has no multishot, 100% damage, 100% critical chance, +1 punch through" as well as other quirky conditionals like "set magazine size to 20, if this is lower than the base value +X% damage", maybe even "if this is higher do Z". These would be by far more consistent than all those rarely used mod sets, and could easily add variety to the game. Of course, there'd be some issues with mod priority and working out the technicality of how these conditionals are met, but it can be ironed out.
  7. I'm enjoying it. Pressing mouse 3 is much less cumbersome than holding down E, reach change is nice, I'm still getting orange/red crits from BR and CO Lesion still works in sortie 3. On top of that, there's just more mods to play with, while reflex guard and enduring affliction still don't look like good choices other revamped mods like focus energy, killing blow and quickening seem quite usable. I am really interested in doing a 100% combo efficiency BR Hirudo build, brutal tide's AoE heavy attack looks great. While I agree with everything else in your post (especially the blocking part, wish it was integrated into some combos), this is simply unfeasible. It'd mean making animations for every move of the hundred or so unique weapons we have, and then doing that again for each of the tens of stances there are. It'd be more animations than that of multiple beat 'em ups combined.
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