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  1. Hey, i bought 2 smeeta kavat imprints to get a smeeta kavat. So, i can see the imprints in the incubator but i can only use my own imprints on incubation. Why?
  2. I didnt know i could do that. Thank you.
  3. F ing made it. Hey DE take care of this stupid "Need 2 or more players to quit" rule. Please. For gods sake.
  4. I dont know if its a bug or anything but i cant leave the plains. I have been waiting for 10 minutes to enter cetus and leave but the timer never starts. I didnt start any bounties i just went out and farmed some fish but i cant get out and other forums says you need 2 or more players waiting to quit but what kind of stupid rule is that? Someone please help me. I literally farmed for 30 minutes and i dont wanna abort mission and lose all the fishes i caught.
  5. So i can get a blueprint from Simaris, right?
  6. Yeah, i didnt know i couldnt get it again.
  7. Hey. I completed Uranus Junction at Saturn before but i never received that chrome neurooptic. So today i tried completeing it again and i didnt receive it again. Is there a bug going on?
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