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  1. I hate this lich system. I spent the past few weeks getting carried through missions to get murmurs. After i got all those, i spent another few days mostly getting carried through the missions to get the relics i need to possibly have a chance at getting the mod i need. Ive also been asked to leave squads becuase i didnt have the void traces to radiant my relic. Ive had this game for a month. Im honestly pretty #*!%ing sick of the game. it used to be fun and i tried to ignore my lich, then it started stealing my sortie rewards or any other small thing i need. Its extremely anti new player. All everyone cares to say is "get better" or some other unhelpful nonsense. Look, at a low MR level you dont have the mods to tackle this. If you dont believe me; take off your primal mods and lower your equipment to MR10 grade gear. No rare mods. try to farm kuva, go put on your basic amp with no mods. Its #*!%ing bullS#&$.
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