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  1. I'd assume it's only the emote itself, since you can't put the decoration in your gear wheel.
  2. Player retention for a longer period of time. DE has gone over this before, the wait times gives you a reason to log back in the next day and check on it to keep you engaged. Making everything craft in 30 mins or less would just lead to more people whining about "lack of content" because they can craft everything in a short window of time. Not to mention if people were crafting new weapons/frames/etc. in a much shorter amount of time, they'd be running out of slots faster and then some would just start complaining about not having slots. The point of the game isn't to rush through everything as fast as possible.
  3. A film from 1979 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Warriors_(film)
  4. The set mod is called Mecha if you actually read. The name doesn't mean it's for mechanical companions only.
  5. So, are Helminth Chargers not being able to use Mecha Mods a bug or intended?
  6. So are Helminth Chargers not being able to use Mecha mods a bug or intended?
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