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  1. Steel charge is a really bad idea. Take brief respite or energy siphon
  2. There's a switch pro coming out soon, don't buy a new switch just yet.
  3. You watched one of the most popular YouTube creators and even quoted him verbatim in your post and are trying to pass this off as if your "friend discovered this". Lmfao
  4. You have no idea how to play baruuk. Stop giving terrible advice and talking about baruuk. Here's a first Google result:
  5. Neither, but if you had to choose one, Titania. Str is actually good on titania
  6. If you're MR 4 your mods are probably not high enough to deal with this unless you've just farmed endo and leveled no weapons. Make sure you have a real build
  7. The self aggrandizing sense of entitlement from this post, lmfao
  8. Corners and dodging. People forget this is still a shooter and corners exist
  9. You made an alt account with the intention of scamming the beginner plat off of it to your main and didn't think this would be noticed? Lmfao....
  10. You really want it on Prime frames that want Strength and Vitality/Fiber. So something like Nekros Prime, Saryn Prime, Rhino Prime would be good ones. Oberon is amazing for it too.
  11. I did mining, less than 10 min on deck 12 got me max standing per day at MR 13/14
  12. so your solution to too many useless mods is to add more useless mods ok
  13. The problem is that having too much energy is not a good thing. Having excess energy is a waste of a mod slot/stat you could use elsewhere, i.e. strength or duration. It's a balancing act where you want to always have just enough energy to do what you need to do and move on. Excess energy with energy orbs sitting around means you could have been stronger in another stat. Dispensary is perfect since you can adjust how many energy orbs you get with strength or duration.
  14. Your idea is correct, but your example is terrible. The only situation in which spectrosiphon is better than dispensary is if you magically have too much mod space and want to waste a slot and cripple your build.
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