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  1. Make sure the little ball thing hits, don't just rely on the AoE
  2. I find eidolons a perfect balance between solo and co op. Profit taker and orphix venom also. I think solo should be incredibly hard at the start solo, but with time and effort a solo player should be able to easily complete it after investing double what co op players do. It's much better to reward co op players than it is to punish solo players (by making it impossible to play)
  3. Unless you're doing bosses all you need is range and strength and a bit of duration. For damage reduction, use aerodynamic aura and learn how to grenade skip. You can slap on the other aero DR mod if you can't get the hang of it. Use flow and energize and you don't need efficiency. Dispenser solves all energy problems. If you seriously spam and stack grenades, you can easily solo any SP content, and high level SP. There's no need for umbra forma or major investment, it's a super cheap frame. If you want to do a turret build you want duration and range and a bit of strength, and helminth
  4. You are playing wrong if you need two umbra Forma, the rarest resource in the game in order to make protea work. Lmfao
  5. Is this a joke? I get much better use out of my protea and I've only got 2 or 3 forma in it, and definitely not 2 umbra Forma. Wasting two mod slots just to boost umbral intensify is a... Choice.... You'll get much more by just slapping on a str mod and then you get another free mod slot You put roar on so you don't need as much ability str, then build max range and as much duration as you can with a bit of str. You can lock down entire maps and out damage nearly every other frame (except maybe Xaku) by spamming grenades. Grenades CC the entire map and kills everything, albeit a bit slowl
  6. I don't think it's been said before but you really need to join a clan ASAP. It doesn't matter which clan and you can always swap clans later, but there's tons of resources, weapons, frames, launchers, items that are available only in clans. Join a clan
  7. If you like eidolon hunting, voidrig is a must have
  8. Xaku has REALLY grown on me and is insanely strong. They never die and can easily destroy lvl 9999 enemies with grasp of lock. If you like Gara, give Xaku a try. All the fun of Gara without having to micromanage energy and repeat a skill ritual
  9. The worst, I had yesterday. I got matched with one other guy who was new, didn't do much but at least he killed resonators. At around 18 he wanted to extract, I wanted to continue. So all good, he ran, started the timer. I keep soloing orphix. It's slowed down because I have to kill double the resonators and the orphix, so he Fing CANCELS his extraction just so he can get orphix credit. Then says sorry and starts it again. I've moved on and he does the same S#&$ THREE MORE TIMES, just sitting in the exit leeching while I had to deal with double resonators and the orphix. I jus
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