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  1. So since Railjack doesn't have much of a use other than leveling and farming resources for helminth, I thought of something for it. What this is, is like raiding a ship. 8 players in a railjack raid a capital ship of the Corpus or Grineer for supplies. It could be used for an Alliance war too by having the 8 players raid the opposing clan’s dojo for their resources and/or credits. There could also be defenses like spectors in the dojo, turrets outside, and spectors driving ships. The choice of having 8 players or 4 players per raid is you’re choice but 8 players seems like a good limit because
  2. After playing Persona 3 I've been thinking of a new Warframe revolving around the fourteen major arcana shown. I've been thinking of some names but the two I thought could fit is Arcanum or Thanatos. The main abilities of the frame would change based on the active arcana. The Warframe's default arcana would be The Fool. The first ability is Arcana Shuffle which changes your active arcana for a certain amount of time effecting your abilities, damage, movement speed etc. The arcana the Warframe can change to is The Magician, The Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, Th
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