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  1. This has been affecting us since Warframe Revised hit, and holy Void is it an annoying one... I've found that re-entering and exiting out from your archwing can have the problem solved, but your mileage may vary here. The ability to interact also seems to return after some seconds of button-mashing, and while I can't say I've been rendered permanently incapable of completing a mission (since interactions eventually become possible again), this has really made some liberation bounty stages a nightmare. Oddly enough I wasn't able to reproduce this on the plains last weekend, though I was running into this problem several times immediately after Revised came through. I figured this might've been fixed, but perhaps I was just lucky, or we've seen a regression. I have however experienced a problem in Railjack missions recently where archwing abilities completely refuse to trigger for some time after exiting into space on some occasions. (My Nikana sugatra also defies physics and stretches to unholy lengths, but this is a tale for another time...) Hopefully a fix will come soon, especially if this is affecting the event as well. Related bug in revised megathread: (More reports mentioning similar or identical issues: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Emphasis given to most pertinent comments.)
  2. The Void giveth. It's terrific that full resistance is still on the table, and with a single arcane now! The increased upgrade cost to reach this functionality (compared to R2 + R1 for 100% prior) should be considered entirely worth it, since a whole slot is then left free. This feels absolutely in line with the spirit of encouraging diversity. And the Void taketh away. This has definitely hurt the playstyle and/or (especially) the morale of some of those that went to the trouble of building up, and around, this arcane. A good number of people who went through the immense time and effort of farming to max Energize (or Void forbid, a pair) have now seemingly seen the rug pulled out from underneath them, at least a bit. Certainly most previously dependent builds can be adjusted to function within the new constraints, though the decreased utility resulting from the cooldown almost seems to reinforce even more the need to run Zenurik as a backup measure. Energize helped many people (and will likely continue to allow most) to confidently escape Zenurik. It's important to recognise that our natural tendency towards loss aversion is likely responsible for a large portion of the negative feedback in this thread. In practice, few people have likely seen their favourite builds destroyed. (Condolences to those energy-devouring builds which may no longer be entirely viable or running as smoothly!) It does feel really bad to trigger Energize and then accidentally consume a number of energy orbs (thanks to vacuum, oopsie, etc.), knowing they could have provided far greater energy if a cooldown wasn't blocking a potential re-trigger of the arcane's effect (especially pronounced when just before an orb drought). I am personally just fine with the added cooldown; I can see this as a reasonable change, more or less, to balance things out. It does of course go without saying that we'd all be much happier with a potentially reduced cooldown time though.
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