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  1. 玩家眼中的太空战:4名玩家4艘战舰率领ai组护卫舰迎敌 德眼中的太空战:4名玩家挤在一艘战舰上对抗一群战舰
  2. Space warfare in the eyes of players: 4 players and 4 warships lead the ai group's frigate against the enemy Space warfare in de's eyes: 4 players huddle in a battleship against a group of battleships
  3. Now that there are too many Kuva weapon series and players are facing the impact of the weapon pool chances, it is recommended to separate different weapons such as primary weapons, secondary weapons and melee weapons. For example, the earth captures the main weapon, Mars comes out of the melee weapon, and Saturn comes out. The secondary weapon, Sedna's air combat weapon. Ask the official to consider
  4. Pvp is definitely playing very few at present. First of all, the new war shows that players can obviously manipulate the g and c enemy factions. Can the official pvp be changed to 3 camps. Players g, c, and i can choose one camp and then change the camp. Manipulate roles and equipment weapons to be fixed and balanced (such as the roles of g-type spearmen, c-type crew, etc.). Then g and c push each other, defend, and so on. A series of map characters do not use mods and use the point-add mode (the same as the crew of Nine Heavens). The continuous technology can summon hero characters such as the g-type mysterious skeleton or the c-type sister or Tiannuo, and then sell weapon skins in the mall. And the character skin update, a new manipulative character
  5. pvp目前玩的肯定是很少的,首先新战争显示玩家明显是可以操纵g和c系敌人派系,官方是不是可以把pvp改成3个阵营g、c、i玩家选择一个阵营然后把阵营可操纵角色和装备武器固定和平衡(比如g系枪兵c系船员等等角色)。然后g和c互相推搭、防御等等一系列地图角色不用mod而采用加点模式(九重天船员一样)连续技术可以召唤英雄角色比如g系玄骸c系姐妹或者天诺,然后商场卖武器皮肤和角色皮肤更新就出新操纵角色
  6. pvp目前玩的肯定是很少的,首先新战争显示玩家明显是可以操纵g和c系敌人派系,官方是不是可以把pvp改成3个阵营g、c、i玩家选择一个阵营然后把阵营可操纵角色和装备武器固定和平衡(比如g系枪兵c系船员等等角色)。然后g和c互相推搭、防御等等一系列地图角色不用mod而采用加点模式(九重天船员一样)连续技术可以召唤英雄角色比如g系玄骸c系姐妹或者天诺,然后商场卖武器皮肤和角色皮肤更新就出新操纵角色
  7. 现在赤毒武器系列太多而玩家面临武器池几率的影响跑很多遍,建议把不同武器比如主武器次要武器和近战武器分开一个池子,比如地球捕获出主要武器、火星出近战武器、土星出次要武器、塞德娜出空战武器。求官方考虑下
  8. 现在游戏大部分都是子弹跳都使用的移动方式,不是战地还有命运2跑动的移动方式导致玩家节奏过快,建议游戏应该增加耐力设定慢耐力可3次子弹跳低于耐力一半只能跑步移动。不然有些任务玩久了会出现疲倦感然后出现弃游然后玩家在线率下降
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