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    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: While air-fishing, a deimos ancient was coming to attack me. As a joke, I threw my Spari spear at the ancient, then it grappled me while I was reeling the spear back. I was unable to force myself to get up via moving or jumping, relying on the automatic stand-up. After doing so, I was stuck in what seemed to be a single frame of the reeling-in animation and unable to move, use equipment, switch to other weapons, or use abilities. I was only able to perform emotes via the slot keybinding as the gear wheel could not be accessed. I tried to /unstuck myself to fix this, but was simply moved a short distance (about 5-10m) to the nearest "safe" spot. I could not test if dying would fix this since my warframe would regenerate shields faster than they could be drained and had no way to accelerate my death. After aborting to the necralisk, the issue was cleared up and I regained full control.
    • VISUAL: Unavailable, unfortunately.
    • REPRODUCTION: Use the Spari Spear to attack a Deimos infested and be grappled when withdrawing the spear.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: I expected to get up with the spear in hand or to continue the normal animation for withdrawing the spear.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: See description.
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: I have not attempted to reproduce thus far. My equipment at the time was a Gauss with a full battery, a Corinth Prime, Aksomati Prime, Gram Prime and a dead Helios.

    REPRO UPDATE: Was able to reproduce by being knocked down by a melee attack from a deimos ancient while performing the reeling animation as mention in description, first try. Appears to be highly reproducible.

  1. They way I understand it is that the Tenno were manipulated by the Lotus to do the killing in revenge for Margulis' death (with the Lotus either being manipulated by Ballas or following Hunhow's plan) following the Old War since only Tenno and I assume other Orokin are capable of consuming the Oro of others, forcing a total death. The ceremony was just the prime time for it since the Emperors and other high-ranking Orokin were all together and unexpecting a surprise attack. With no leadership and a synthesis imprints showing that a lot of important technology relied on gene-locks, the rest of the empire collapsing was inevitable. Dax and Grineer soldiers going after the Tenno in retaliation for killing their masters is a result of how strongly duty was drilled into them.

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  2. I’d never get rid of my starting Excal, even if umbra is a straight upgrade.

    Gauss was the first frame that really had to grind for, not just for his parts but also SU and Ostron standing. He’s my go-to frame now.

    Mesa was my first prime, but I got her without thinking. Vauban prime was a different story.

    Harrow is somewhat special to me simply because his quest is probably my favourite. That and the reliquary collection.

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  3. During a rank 5 Kuva lich mission (node was Elion, Mercury) while playing solo, the Shadow Stalker spawned well before mission completion. For this mission I was equipped with a Mesa prime, Rubico Prime, Aksomati Prime and Gram Prime. During this fight, my kavat was downed, so naturally I went to revive them and I'm fairly sure I had shatter shield active. As I was reviving, the Shadow Stalker proceeded to use their Teleport ability on me, which left me stuck in the revive animation without contributing to the revive, unable to move or cancel the animation by letting go of X, nor able to try and restart the animation. Transference and abilites were also unavailable to me and I was only able to resume normal play after being killed and reviving. I didn't think to use /unstuck at the time, so I can't comment on if it would be effective.

    Reproduction steps:

    1. Spawn shadow stalker.
    2. Have pet downed and put into bleedout.
    3. Begin reviving pet.
    4. Be teleported by shadow stalker before revive is completed.

    I have the log file on hand to send in, if needed.



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