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  1. This is just an issue I have with the consistency of term usage within mods. On several mods, i.e. "Rush," they tell you of an increase to sprint speed. Other mods, such as Ivara's Prowl augment, will give you an increase to movement speed. I assume the latter was to avoid encouraging players to think they could now sprint in prowl, but the end result was that I assumed that they were two separate stats. As I was trying to find ways to increase non-sprint movement speed the only information I could find was related to sprint speed, which is when I finally realized they were the same thing. TL;DR I am suggesting that all usage of the terms Sprint Speed and Movement Speed be made to be more consistant, preferably as Movement Speed since that makes it obvious that it works on all movement. (I am not currently sure how it interacts with bullet jumping, but that could result in confusion there I suppose.) Thanks.
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