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  1. I use the Warframe market app quite a bit and I agree that we don't really need an auction house in Warframe however with my account linked to the Warframe market app it would be nice to be able to do trades on the app. I often come across things I need that are listed on the market but am not home or at my computer and then when I get online or am able to actually play the item I need is gone already. What I would suggest is being able to do trades on the market app. If my account is linked then basically I am online just not in game and I should be able to trade or purchase the item while in app. It just kind of makes sense, it shows that I'm online and all the info is there. Thanks and keep up the good work DE.
  2. When Chroma and Zephyr Prime release from the Vault do we also get new Void relic rotation and do the relics with Banshee and Mirage related parts go into the Vault?
  3. Ok so I didn't really all post on the 2nd page but to me it kinda seems like all these new players just want easier ways to make plat or just to be given handouts?? The reactant to me has never really been a problem why complain about 2 seconds? What's your hurry bro? These are prime parts, they should be harder to get than they are considering this is an easy way to make free platinum. If they were to make void missions easier than it would pretty much reduce the price of the prime parts you are farming which in my opinion is not a good idea because that's how some people make their Platinum. Here is an idea. I would like for the void fissure missions to be alot more difficult let's say you have maybe 2-3 special objectives similar to Riven objective and "elite mobs" similar to a mini boss that drop reactant maybe 2-3 per mission that would increase the void trace amount. As for relic rewards if I spend 100 traces to make a relic radiant and the silver reward bar is 100% full I expect to a silver reward as my prize. With that being said I don't want it easier to get these so maybe increase the cost to upgrade them too 200 traces? I usually run rad relics and still get bronze rewards about 70% of the time which seems really bad to be spending all those traces on. Anyways this is just my opinion. Devs you are doing a fine job jeep it up! Hopefully 1 of you read this and if you do send me a message letting me know it's been seen. Just that would be satisfaction for me. As for all you others stop complaining so much and get back to the grind!
  4. Ok.... so the devs don't. Is there a reason behind this or just a No and that's that? I mean I'm sure I've posted in the trade for parts I need and other players probably had that part but didn't see post or w/e but it's really annoying spending 10 relics and still no drop or looking for an hour for a part and still can't get it.
  5. I think an Auction House/AH could definitely help the game in a more positive direction instead of waiting in trade chat for some to list the part you are looking for. I have many Blueprints I am only missing 1 part for and being able to bring up a list of players that have specific item would be great! This would also make trading much easier. What is everyone else's opinion on this?
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