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  1. The Ivara farm was one of the S#&$tiest things I have done. Ever. I did nothing but spy missions for two weeks every single #*!%ing day.
  2. It was pretty alright for me. Didn't take long to get her at all. I got her in like one day. For Nidus and Ivara I had to grind for a week or two.
  3. Well apparently the devs and most players in the wf community think that bullet sponge enemies are the pinnacle of challenge. And therefore we get more and more S#&$ty enemies like these.
  4. I was thinking about dropping this into General feedback, here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/21-general/
  5. Cause De had the fantastic idea to lock S#&$ behind clans. So if I want to have everything I just need one. I hate it.
  6. Probably she's gonna be the only frame that I'm not gonna bother to get.
  7. Oh S#&$. I forgot to spend my credits.
  8. Never. De is always working on something that's more "important".
  9. Played LoR once or twice and that was enough for me to never bother with it. Supposedly you needed friends to enjoy them but the thing is, everything is fun with friends. This isn't something that was exclusive to raids.
  10. I only hate the fact that her DexPixia has become less and less useful in new content. Since the weapon relies on status procs a lot but we just get more and more enemies that straight up ignore status procs. And then there are the enemies that ignore Cc abilities completely. There's a lot of those in the corpus Railjack and it's bloody #*!%ing annoying.
  11. Yeah maybe within the next 100 years we get the Duviri Paradox.
  12. De has moved on so don't expect it to happen ever.
  13. Because that's De's idea of a challenge. Which of course is wrong and dumb but they won't change it sadly.
  14. Well problem is, with every update they make a few hotfixes and they just move on, leave a bunch of bugs in the game that aren't important and then these bugs keep on piling up. It would be nice if once just ONCE they would actually fully develop an update and kill off as many bugs as possible instead of just moving on. One of the main reasons I'm not playing the game is the bugs that should have been fixed 3 years ago.
  15. Nothing. I'm waiting for the New War and the Duviri Paradox. I might try to complete the yareli quest but honestly I really don't care about her at all.
  16. When I was looking up videos most of the time this arm canon seemed average. But after putting 3 forma into it. Holy S#&$ this weapon is powerful. It just shreds. It doesn't matter what enemy you want to kill this weapon will kill it. Juguluses on SteelPath? Nothing. I don't even have to use any debuffs or buffs because it goes through the enemy like it's nothing. Same for Railjack Exo units. 3 shots and they are gone. The bloody thing doesn't even need ammo. And this weapon doesn't even need anything special to build it.
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