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  1. Not much to me honestly. He lacks quite a lot of things that would make him good at everything. Titania can for example cc, has a nice dps ability and just like Wukong She's pretty hard to kill. And there's an augment for getting energy back. So even that's not a problem anymore. Wukong just survives. And with the Bramma maybe the clone can do some room clearing.
  2. When I thought the Helminth couldn't be any more disturbing...
  3. I'm sure that's correct. But in the past I saw a lot more posts someone raging about not being "The Number One". Than people who just use it for normal things.
  4. Wukong is over rated. He can survive and do some damage but not much else.
  5. I don't see many problems with it. It shows what I'd care about. Stats are kinda useless anyways. And only elitists care about it.
  6. Complete SteelPath with only an unmodded secondary without using abilities. That would be a nice one.
  7. The only change I want to the infested is, replacing the chargers and runners. Or redesign them. There are almost no variations of these enemy types and it makes the infested really boring. Also they rely on ancients and prasitic units way too much which is anything but interesting. They really need new support units.
  8. New Loka teaming up with Steel Meridian is impossible. They are essentially space Nazis. As for the others it doesn't really matter. They all have their own goal and therefore they wouldn't cooperate ever. Regardless of what threat there is.
  9. Yeah the tapping is more creepier. If De were to spook us and used the tapping in the Orbiter I think I would be a lil bit surprised.
  10. It's different because a straight up skeleton is much closer to real life. Like we have some infested thingy in the warframe that is not something you could see. But a skeleton is a different story. Plus we never see the inside of any frame. Which makes it harder to be scared of them.
  11. Even on pc these options are way too close and same is true to the friend list. Everytime someone sends a friend request I'm always afraid I press decline or whatever.
  12. I will try these out. Ty! Previously I either tried to do Hydron in squad or stealth extermination. The last one could work well if the spawns and Ai wouldn't be so #*!%ed.
  13. Either there will be a cooldown or the very least the Helminth has to be fed before you could do anything. Or both. And knowing De the last option is the most likely.
  14. Ah I see. Well that's fair enough I guess. It would be convinient, tho seeing that the system is already in an almost finished state they will probably keep it as it was. Unless enough people complain about it.
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