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  1. I only hate the fact that her DexPixia has become less and less useful in new content. Since the weapon relies on status procs a lot but we just get more and more enemies that straight up ignore status procs. And then there are the enemies that ignore Cc abilities completely. There's a lot of those in the corpus Railjack and it's bloody #*!%ing annoying.
  2. Yeah maybe within the next 100 years we get the Duviri Paradox.
  3. De has moved on so don't expect it to happen ever.
  4. Because that's De's idea of a challenge. Which of course is wrong and dumb but they won't change it sadly.
  5. Well problem is, with every update they make a few hotfixes and they just move on, leave a bunch of bugs in the game that aren't important and then these bugs keep on piling up. It would be nice if once just ONCE they would actually fully develop an update and kill off as many bugs as possible instead of just moving on. One of the main reasons I'm not playing the game is the bugs that should have been fixed 3 years ago.
  6. Nothing. I'm waiting for the New War and the Duviri Paradox. I might try to complete the yareli quest but honestly I really don't care about her at all.
  7. It's already annoying when I loose my guns. If I loose even my melee weapon I'd #*!% my self in the eye.
  8. That would be awesome. Tho I rather just have this as part of the ability. Maybe if it would be an exilus mod that could work too.
  9. You might have a serious forma addiction. Anyways forma is one of De's more reliable source of income so this won't happen ever. It would be an incredibly stupid business move.
  10. I'm just sayin what De have stated. And they said "no cause bugs". Tho I can't blame them. It would be time to focus on the bugs and make the game more playable.
  11. They already explained that it would probably lead to bugs and they ain't gonna do it. It was in the patch notes.
  12. Yeah I'm taking a big ol' brake now. Probably until the New War. The game became really unfun lately for me. Railjack was fun but years old bugs really piss me off. Seriously when will De finally fix the god damn spawn rates in open world missions. Ffs it's been an issue for years. Ever since Poe came out, pretty much.
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