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  1. No you actually get everything filled up. Even when you start mission from the mission. So you don't even have to go back to the DryDock. Today I was opening relics in Rj and every time I got everything filled up automatically.
  2. I personally don't mind the energy change. It's much easier to replenish for the warframe than the Railjack. Plus with Lavos you don't need energy at all. Even if I didn't have Lavos the Rj powers are usually not that useful. I use two of them and never run into problems.
  3. I'd love Cy to replace both ordis and the lotus. Or maybe little duck could replace Lotus. I would be fine with that too.
  4. We can only talk from our perspective. So as others said just try out the game yourself. It's free so you loose nothing. Here on the forums there are ppl who just straight up hate the game and they will tell you how the game is dying and so on. So this isn't the best place for information.
  5. Except no one gives a damn about incoming damage because the Panzer Vulpaya is a thing. And if it wouldn't no one cares about it anyways. So if companions would be invulnerable nothing would change. We would just have vacuum and enemy sense permanently.
  6. It would be really nice. And we will never get it because "balance".
  7. Meh... I don't. It's a pretty boring event.
  8. Exactly. So many ppl asked for QoL changes and we got nothing. They just moved on seemingly and now we get a new frame while Sevagoth could also use some Buffs and QoL changes. And we will never see those changes ever probably.
  9. Very mediocre. I think he's definitely interesting and has the potential to become strong but let's face it. The devs already done with him. They won't buff him anymore and he's gonna stay mediocre forever.
  10. I find her 4th not worth it. If it was stronger I would use it but in it's current state, no. It's really crappy without it's augment mod. So yeah basically I thought it might be a better option as it slow down enemies better than warcry while giving me healing. So I don't have to jump in and out of Hysteria just to heal.
  11. Well I thought since it heals the frame an enetral warcry Valkyr might benefit more from Gloom. My melee weapons can already shred enemies so I don't see the point of using Hysteria. But Life steal just takes up a slot and it's kinda not great for a frame that constantly gets hit. So the idea is giving Valkyr more defense cc and Heal. But it might sound nice on paper while in practice it might be useless.
  12. I'm really curious how effective that ability is on her.
  13. I have the Zetki Photor on my pilot and the zetki talyn on my side guns. The ai handles the Talyn very well while the photor eats through Corpus Crewships' shields.
  14. Yep I didn't use Rhino at all for years now. Yet he's my most used frame. The same is true about Loki who's my 3rd most used frame even tho again I haven't used him for years at all. Valkyr is my second most used frame and that might be somewhat accurate since she was my main for many years. Well anyways it's not like this matters. Nowadays I prefer to use Lavos. Haven't even used any other frame because I prefer his cooldown gimmick. I wish we had more frames like him. I prefer frames that don't need energy.
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