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  1. Yeah why do we have any kind of animations? Everything should be in T pose.
  2. It's gonna be like the Wukong rework probably.
  3. Meh I just have a tiring job so I don't have the energy to play. Otherwise I would be online every day. Also the devs should really drop an update soon.
  4. Since i'm late i will just grap some popcorn and watch the S#&$show.
  5. Wow. I had a feeling that Destiny will fail to become a f2p game. Tho I expected some other p2w type of deal.
  6. Free to play? Correct me of i'm wrong but Destiny still sells It's expansions. So basically you are locked away from content unless you pay. So It's more like Free to try. Also what's the purpose of this thread?
  7. Well you can equip an aoe secondary to an accurate primary and stuff like that. Use the primary to kill targets that require more accuracy and use the secondary for trash mobs. Or the opposite. Other than that there is no point in having these two weapon types. Maybe if you have to fire faster than you reload the weapon. I use the fulmin for targets like nox and distant targets. For everything else I just use my Tombfinger for example.
  8. Well years ago there was a bug that caused the terminals and cryo pods to spin around like crazy but I don't know if it did any damage.
  9. I understand you since I burned away about 30 relics for that vauban prime system (which i still didn't get) but hey before that the game threw at me all the other 3 components, so whatever.
  10. If you play Goose like any other frame yeah, you will end up dead. But I was running around (used macRush) like crazy and used cc a lot. The lvl 80 enemies couldn't hit me and they weren't even close to killing me. 20+ seconds of invincibility is more than enough. It doesn't even take much time to charge up redline anyways. And enemies won't even have the chance to kill you. Gauss' only problem is his somewhat limited protection. But even that can be countered by just freezing the enemies who cause truble. Or killing them since his 3rd is really powerful now with the heat + cold combo. Unless It's a vallis sniper. In that case Goose is #*!%ed.
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