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  1. I tried to use her outside of survival and I can't see her being any useful in other missions. Maybe It's just my build. But She doesn't seem to have an actual usable dps ability like mesa and she has no CC at all. Or at least it's really minimal. In case I'm wrong, feel free to tell me.
  2. I didn't put it on any frame. I thought about Hildryn but she doesn't have a Prime variant. And none of my mains are dps based so there's that too.
  3. I shear this sentiment. Every time I see someone posting just a video, or say "This youtuber thinks this." I just lose all interest.
  4. It's really easy to tell them apart: Up to Rhino prime we didn't get really complex designs. Most of these frames are simple and very similar to the vanilla counterparts. This group includes: Excal Prime, Frost Prime, Mag Prime, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime. Then we get to the second batch with Loki, Nyx, Nova and Volt. This time around the devs started to play around with the designs more. These primes started to have more unique designs. They were less similar to the vanilla frames but they were still pretty close. From this group I think Loki got the farthest from the original. The third group is not really a group. It only includes Ash and Trinity. For me these two are more of an in between. Ash got a nice balanced design. And Trinity went kind of overboard. After Trinity, prime warframes really started to become their own thing, they still have some similarities with the vanilla version but just enough to tell that they are the same frames. Of course this isn't 100% accurate. Valkyr for example, is kinda close to her vanilla version. She is almost like the second group of frames but not that much. So her design falls into the Ash Trinity "group" for me. As an extra I would like to talk about their colors. It has been discussed few times. There are some theories. Mostly two of these stands out for me. One being the rank of the frames being reflected by the coloring. The other theory ties the colors to the time of their making. Black frames made in darker times and whites is the opposite. In my theory the coloring is tied to the beliefs of the orokin. In the Sacrifice, Ballas said that the orokin believed in Duality. That mind and matter are separate or something like that. So maybe they colored the primes dark and bright because of that. (Though again. There are frames like Ash and Equinox as exceptions.)
  5. Not the most silly but the most annoying. I was doing a radiation sortie and a Volt was spamming his 4th. Yep he got a radiation proc and insta killed me with his 4th. Other idiotic death happened because of teammate triggering the laser in Void Defense mission. Unfortunately this is how it is when you're in a public group.
  6. For me it took two formas to like her. She's pretty good now that I have a big range, decent power strength and duration on her. Also adaptation and fast deflection helps a lot keeping those shields up. Only problem is line of sight on her 4th ability sometimes even on flat ground it doesn't want to pick up enemies just because there's a tiny rock between me and the enemy. Other than that she's fine. I usually take her when I'm bored of Zephyr or Revenant. She's basically my third main.
  7. Leave them to die. Everytime i get teammates that die constantly I just leave them. There is just no point in reviving them.
  8. They are alright. Gives the Vallis a dynamic by letting you control how much and how strong enemies you want to deal with. It also keeps you on your toes a little bit better. If you don't want to get swarmed by high lvl enemies you have to keep track of them and destroy them in time.
  9. Yeah these new enemies really make a difference. I like to go back and fight the Exploiter and the Thumpers just for fun. Especially now that the plains got an upgrade.
  10. I prefer mods. They let me customize how the weapon works. In Destiny 2 I always got new better guns and switched weapon and as a result I never got attached to any of them. With mods you can make more weapons (possibly your favorites) viable for high end content. Though I will say this, Getting just a weapon makes the game much simple. You get the gun and use it. No extra fiddling with builds.
  11. To be honest It's surprising that so many ppl can't defeat him. I never had a problem killing him. Even when I had all the 4 void keys he was easy.
  12. I met with a lvl 45 Wolf and he was easy. It took a few minutes to kill him.
  13. How do you know that? Did you make the game or something? Though I get what you're saying. It kinda makes sense.
  14. Alad didn't know about the Sentients before the Second Dream. Also the whole scar thing doesn't hold up since we are in a world where some kids control super soldiers with space magic whatnot. DE could easily say that "Welp, He healed him self cause he had the resources."
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