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  1. Similar maybe but totally not the same. Protea rewinds herself (and resets ammo, energy, health etc) Wraith just teleports back to the tomb and that's it by the description. The first one is more like a combination of wisps 2nd and any ability that dashes forward while doing damage to enemies.
  2. Something that I originally didn't think about is how much the Orokin remind me to asian deities. And specifically to indian deities. And in india deformity is usually taken as a sign that the person is possibly some reincarnation of a god or something similar. At least that's what I heard. So the deformity might be there to show that they are above all other races and such. That and it might had some practical use as others said.
  3. The grineer can leave the mission area and once they our out of bounds the infested won't spawn in the marjed area which means that any infested killed doesn't count. Not even for grineer I believe. So essentially the mission won't progress anywhere. Can't the mission are just not be there ir at least follow the commander instead?
  4. I agree with Banshee. I know there are many who would run in and say that "she's just not a meta frame" and that's why she's not used but no she just sucks. She could be good but her survival depends waaay too much on mobility. Even the frame that's survival based around movement (Gauss) has an extra way to defend himself because movement alone is a really weak defense in warframe. Also he has faster shield recharge on top of the damage reduction. Banshee really needs a better CC or some other way defend herself. Even old Nyx was better because she was able to stun enemies non stop w
  5. I used Valkyr for a long time but she kinda became irrelevant and then I just started to use frames I like. Currently my two favorites are Nezha prime and Grendel. Titania was my number 1 most liked but then Deimos dropped and while she is usable there I have a much harder time surviving with her. I still love her design and I went through all the replayable quests with her.
  6. That's what I was exactly thinking yesterday while playing with Bonewidow. But at this point they are not gonna change that of course.
  7. It would become abandoned fast and only the control maniac A******s would stay.
  8. If you want to leave feedback to the developers GD is exactly not the place. There's an entire feedback subforum for that.
  9. It's not like you missed out on anything. It's a pretty weak weapon. Not very useful outside of normal missions.
  10. I always find it funny when a bunch of players are pointing at Saryn when something waaay too powerful gets nerfed. Like Saryn is an insta kill machine or somethin. In reality the only time you ever see a saryn is when you do hydron or eso. Everywhere else she's almost never used.
  11. Don't tell me De is taking that donation as feedback.
  12. Yeah I would like this a lot. But they made the Leverian specifically so they don't have to make quests for the frames. Which sucks but it's more than nothing I guess? Actually it's kinda nothing because they barely update the bloody thing
  13. Oh something I forgot in my original post. The Juguluses can go invisible and invincible while still shooting you from hundreds of meters away. This is a bug that's been there since release and they still haven't fixed it.
  14. We won't probably get that sadly. But there's going to be an event centered around the necramechs. Supposedly it's gonna be the first time we will be able to use them on tilesets.
  15. What I find really weird is that The Old blood and Railjack were in a far worse state than Arcana. Yet those trailers were also mostly positive. I think the players are rightfully pissed if De really didn't listen to them I'm not gonna say that the anger is undeserved. But that dislike ratio feels like it's something else kinda unrelated to the update. Either way at least De got a sort of feedback that they surely see. Possibly that's the other reason for the delays. I wonder if they will take their time to fully develop the next update with the feedback from the cluster or they will
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