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  1. Meh I decided to take a break after 6 years. I'm just kinda tired of waiting.
  2. Maybe the next big update will bring in npcs. I hope because public is not an option for me with that change.
  3. My only problem here is that the sentients still have resistance against certain damage types. Viral for example does almost no damage. Corrosive on the other hand is really effective. I don't know if It's just an oversight but that's the main reason I don't build my weapons with various damage types.
  4. With Valkyr absolutely but anything else is just not as good.
  5. It's the same but does a debuff. And it's tied to a pointless crappy meter. Delete the entire ability and give Valkyr something that can deal with crowds in a big area.
  6. No her 3rd is literally garbage. The only way to make it somewhat worth it is by using the augment but even with that if there's a tiny dust particle between you and the enemy, the enemy won't be effected by the ability.
  7. Inb4 the "use roll" comments arrive. Anyways that's not a bad idea. Tho It would probably make the game easier. Maybe it would be somewhat better if frames could use operator abilities somehow. Someone with vazarin could easily heal their frames and make it easier to use squishy frames like banshee.
  8. Throw out her 1st and 3rd ability and make the augment of her 4th be part of the ability. The 3rd ability could be anything basically since even with her augment enemies behind cover just don't give a #*!%. And without the augment they also don't give #*!% and they will go on doing their thing. Esentially the 3rd ability is the worst ability in the entire game.
  9. Not by lancers but Vallis Overtakers can indeed shoot your arrow.
  10. But does he really need 2? Other frames with such abilities usually can be balanced out to have a strenght/range build like Nezha and Gara. And both of them doing just fine in every content.
  11. Never been a huge fan of baruuk. Especially because It's always a pain to bring out his exalted on normal missions. And his defensive abilities just don't make sense. I don't know why was two different defensive ability needed for him when just one of them protects him just fine.
  12. That's not always possible. I died so many times because an enemy just teleported or ran into my face or crosshair. The only way this can be somewhat countered is if you always jump up into the air where nothing can get you. But even then some enemies like the Vallis Corpus shoot projectiles which blow up your arrows.
  13. Something that's been bugging me for a while, is how unnatural the operator feel to me. It would be much better if -as some one already said it- the operator powers wouldn't require to use the operator it self. I get that they make fighting sentients easy but still It always goes like this: Shoot the Sentient, press 5, then use dash, then press 5 again, repeat. Depending on enemy numbers and your weapons this can be tedious. With an aoe weapon and a group of sentients this isn't that big of a deal but with weapons like snipers or assault rifles I don't even bother. It just breaks that natural flow the game has.
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