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  1. Thanks, Helen! Looking forward to taking the jellyfish queen for a spin!
  2. Certainly wasn't expecting Rising Tide this quick but I sure won't complain!
  3. Because I am an enormous glutton for punishment, I am doing a completely f2p account on the Switch so if anyone wants to gift in my direction the following would be greatly appreciated: Forma, Warframe or Weapon Slots, any cosmetics or boosters would all be very welcome indeed! Happy Tennobaum to all!
  4. This is another case along the lines of what we've seen before, but it was accounts receiving platinum from trades and getting banned in the same fashion. This definitely needs to be addressed by DE but I am personally unsure of what measures could be taken. We all need to be aware that any time platinum changes hands there is a chance, however slight, that a situation like this could occur. Thanks for sharing the story.
  5. When I logged back in after claiming, I got an in-game message saying they were delivered to my inventory. Maybe not everyone is getting that me, but I did. It was just a pop-up message, not an inbox message.
  6. When they vault the relic, a different part will take its place. It happens every time a part for ranking up syndicates is vaulted.
  7. I am very much looking forward to Ivara and Baza Prime... let the stealthy jellyfish madness begin!
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