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  1. capture missions on k drives vs fast enemies on a suspiciously race track looking part of the maps.... sadly however you have to make missions idiot proof. So you can't make the tracks all that hard.
  2. When I first played this game and went on plains of eidolon and orb vallis adventures I assumed progress was saved everytime you did something like finished a bounty. Fallout did it. Skyrim did it. Farcry. Just cause. GTA. Breath of the wild. It was just... common sense. Open world map with lots to do and alot of time spent traversing. Games saves with each milestone. And then I got burned. Hard. And I swear it happens to alot of people when they realise all the progress they did was gone. Like say. A bunch of joiners don't want to extract yet but you want to. They refuse so you just
  3. Play in the void and farm. you get way more control modules than the argon crystals people go there to farm for. Might even get yourself some 60/60 toxin mods if you play in mot.
  4. Currently running a comparison. I created a helmith with a Lanky tall kubrow (Sahasa to clarify). In the oven is a helminth with thick huras and just as tall as the above kubrow. Yes using 2 prints of the same kubrow in both cases. Will update once done. Conclusive results are in: Helminth does not inherit any physical traits from the parent. Including height. I had fat kubrow thats big printed on my newest helminth. Nop just like kavat they have only 1 build. Height is rng based on these 2 samples of both using tall imprints.
  5. Oh dear god Operator K driving sounds amazing. They move so slow so if they can grab a K drive while pew pewing amps. Imagine the sick air you can achieve with void dashing. Hell could even sync trick points to energy gain. Imagine grinding on a eidolon dealing void damage to it (ok its a bit silly)
  6. I notice on the Heart of Deimos footage you ride a dragonfly looking creature that pretty much behaves like a k-drive. And so, given that parallel transplant that into K drives. And let K drives level while you kill using the k drives and shooting on it in a similar way to arch guns. But hey, first and foremost of it all. Fix the falling through the world bug involving K drives in Cetus.
  7. I'm thinking something in terms of fusing kuva weapons. First slot gives the breed. Second slot transfers the physical traits like fur patterns and build/model. And the ability to choose the colours via what gene patterns you got or simply leave it randomised. And so. If you got a Kubrow you wanted the breed for but wanted to reroll the build and you don't have a 2nd imprint that has that build. Just put in the breed imprint and hope for the best. also do you have pics of this vasca smeet breed? I'm imagining it mimics the physical proportions and
  8. I've been reading some threads and I'm pretty much asking months/years later after these questions were asked to confirm the correctness of these findings. 1. 2 Imprints of the same creature guarantees the best chances of an exact clone. 2. 2 imprints of two different appearances is a literal coin flip between the two types. Not a combination where the new pet gets traits from both "parents." A Thicc Raksa (referring to their stock photos) and a long thin limbed Sunika. Isn't gonna make a thin limbed thicc body Kubrow. But one or the other. 3. Imprints only affect the model type
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