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  1. Same, it will be sad a little to see some pretty strong builds get their effectiveness lowered a little but in the end, I keep going.
  2. I had this dumb Idea where the melee combo counter also affects primaries and secondaries in the same way. Thereby making combo a arsenal mechanic. This could be from mods or probably better, a mechanic. That way, using melee not only can help with generating combo, but also help generate more damage for guns from mods. This in turn would create more synergy with all the weapons as they all compliment each other.
  3. I agree, in the end, not much is changing and I do agree that this might be a good starting point. It was just bad that melee remained pretty untouched for so long that the builds essentially became part of playing the game.
  4. This is based on my opinion so and you are entitled to your own opinion. Berserker Fury This mods nerf in general probably had some of the worst said reasons for getting nerf. That is to the point that it is funny but besides that, in a functional sense its okay. The nerf as a whole won't be too bad if it weren't for the on kill effect instead of on crit. I think that the on kill effect might have been too much of a nerf with berserker considering that it can't stack with primed fury anymore. In the end, you will be getting the same attack speed anyway so the on kill effect it will have now is just a reduction in quality of life and doesn't change anything functionally besides being harder to acquire now. Blood Rush Reducing the percent from 60% to 40% was honestly not even worth it considering that not many weapons can red crit on their own anyway. Take the Kronen Prime for example which is a meta melee weapon, with is base 22% crit chance, it could only achieve as much as orange crits without the assistance of gladiator mods, smeeta kavat, or riven mods. Nerfing the Blood rush in this case would only make the weapon perform less orange crits which in the end doesn't even change much considering the amount of crit bonuses you can have elsewhere. This shows that in the end, blood rush doesn't even give that many weapons the ability to red crit let alone do it consistently. This makes the blood rush nerf almost worthless. If they really wanted to nerf blood rush, 55% or even 50% would have been fine as its only a minor tweak that is less noticeable and still allows for red crits weapons to shine in what they do best anyway. Condition Overload Condition overload got a pretty hard nerf from 120% to an 80% per status. This nerf is probably something I am going to get wrong given how they worded it. It is for that reason that I will run it under two scenarios. For the first one, if the percent got nerfed to 80% and now taking 3 procs to match or be better than primed pressure point, then I think that it is fine. however I think 80% was just a bit too much on the nerfs. Something around the lines of 90-100% would have been fine with a nerf. Now running off of the second scenario where condition overload now has 3 procs max, then I think that the kuva nukor nerf should be reverted given how well they synergize with each other. If this scenario is right and the kuva nukor nerfs happen, this will make condition overload completely obsolete with the amount of targets it can affect and the damage it can pull. However, given this nerf, it really is hard to know until the nerfs actually happen. Glaive and Kuva Nukor These two nerfs are something I don't have an opinion on. Glaives are weapons I don't use at all so I really wouldn't know how much the nerfs would affect it and the Kuva Nukor nerfs don't affect me that much because I don't mind using other secondaries. However their nerfing of a lot of meta weapons is something I don't agree with. Not the idea of nerfing them per say but more how much they nerf those meta weapons. I don't mind them nerfing very powerful weapons but only make them as effective as most other A tier weapons instead of making them lower than that. Galvanized Mods This addition along with arcanes is something I am pretty meh about. The Addition of Galvanized mods to me is okay and given they had their capacity dropped, makes them a better addition, but I adding them was kind of a very quick and lazy way of buffing primaries and secondaries . Primaries and secondaries need to be changed functionally for them to be in my opinion, more viable and much more fresh. Adding mods that scale while they will buff the damage and effectiveness of the weapons, that is all it will change. It will feel the same way as it has for many years and I think changing how they work is how they can not only be more effective, but also feel more different thus giving an incentive to use them more. Arcanes Another addition I really don't have an opinion about and even then, I think my views would be similar to the Galvanized mods. Overall Overall, this update is okay, it isn't game breaking or going to make the game completely different but, it needs improvements. A lot of the changes in this update feel a bit useless or excessive which is sadly a common occurrence. Some of the stat or functionality changes to me seem a bit too much for them to seem viable and I think that is a big problem. The changes should have just been a stat decrease to reduce its effectiveness without making it just also harder to use. The addition of new arcanes and mods is something I am not too worried about besides the pretty big mod capacity and acquisition of them. I don't believe in the idea of only buffing everything to reach the level of the meta because doing so would only make the game less fun. While it is a power fantasy game, it shouldn't be so easy. So nerfing is the easiest way to fix that but I think what DE needs to improve on is how much they Nerf things. A lot of nerfs they do are just too much and for us to really know if they are too much, set up some sort of testing server or if you really don't want to, create a hub to test these things. Maybe make it a mode you can toggle on and off in the simulacrum where you can turn on or off changes coming in the next update.
  5. Okay so I might just be freaking out because I may have never noticed them before but, when switching weapons I get this weird blue outline on the weapon I switched out. Is this normal?
  6. Ever since the hotfix, I have noticed that my game has been dropping into lower fps than usual. My fps usually hovers around 80-110 when in a 4 squad match but when I entered the mars tileset which normally hovers around the same fps, It dropped down to below 50. Some things I have already tried: -Verifying and Optimizing my download -Restarting my Pc -Checking if I am throttling which I wasn't -Changing Dx versions from 11 to 12 and back -closing background programs I have tried all of these and non of them have worked. If you want to know my cpu and gpu: Cpu: Ryzen 7 2700 Gpu: Rx 580
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