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  1. I posted in the bug forum, should I open a ticket too? I have no evidence, I didn't think of taking a screenshot.
  2. I was going to try but the chat window wouldn't come up. I tried everything I could think of, including bringing up the menu. I thought my efficiency would drop and I'd get kicked out, but would at least keep what I had already earned, but that didn't happen either.
  3. A space with shades of yellow, that I could change the camera angle in, but otherwise do nothing. I could hear the sound of my melee weapon and guns, but see nothing. I got the standard message saying I didn't need anything from my gear wheel, and that my abilities were locked (though i had used them in a while).
  4. After dozens of tries in the Onslaught, I got all the Khora blueprints except the systems. I ran the onslaught a few times each night with no luck. Until tonight that is. Finally got it, and then a host migration happened and when I got back I stepped into a yellow void. Couldn't do anything and finally had to abort. I think this will just break me. Since the last update I've had so many problems, especially on the POE. I can take the grind but to be so close and have it snatched away.
  5. I've been trying for weeks to get Khora, and I'm down to just needing the system blueprint. I do the Onslaught several times a night, and while I've gotten many relics, and other components never the system. Until tonight, but then before I can complete the zone, a host migration happens, Then the conduit opens and I wind up on a yellow screen. I can melee, or shoot my guns, and I get told I don't need my gear and my abilities are locked (the standard messages) but can't do much else. I wait and wait but finally had to abort the mission. If you have any compassion please, please, please give the system blueprints! I've lived with all the bugs since the last update, but this has just broken me.
  6. How does someone get fake platinum anyways? Did someone hack the game? The last I checked, platinum was somewhere around 5 cents each. Seems like it would be more trouble, and not a whole lot cheaper to buy fake than it would real.
  7. If DE gave him a reason why they did it, I'd tend to believe them. They have no reason to just pick him at random. Just like in real life, once a thief always considered a thief.
  8. I don't suppose you have a Khora system blueprint to trade?
  9. I have a kuva rifle that I've put 5 forma into. Its 40% toxin. Imjust got my 2nd one and it's 25% impact. I know when I fuse them it will be 44.5% but of toxin or impact? If I start with the 2nd one, will I lose my forma? My preference would be 44.5% toxin with the 5 forma? How to I get that? At what percentage, if any, would I notice a difference from the current 40%?
  10. Hmm, coulda sworn I replied to this. I have both blue prints ... I need nekros prime system and main blue print ... maybe we can work out a trade
  11. I'm been taking my Rubico Prime with my Chroma Prime on Eidolon hunts. Aiming for the 4 joints, TBH, is difficult for me at times. But at the times when I am hitting I'm not sure I'm doing enough damage. I'm certainly not doing 1 shot "kills". The best I'm seen is in the 1300 -1700 range. What amount of damage is considered good enough? any particular mods should I be equipping? I've got the usual multi-shot, increase crit mods, and I've tried different elemental damages. I think i'm currently trying radiation.
  12. I didn't think relics would drop parts of vaulted frames?
  13. Check out mods and modding. You can make almost every frame into a tank with the right build. Or keep them swishy, but with huge abilities. Same with weapons. All kinds of builds available. mix and match elemental damage. I got good advice early on ... Use what LOOKS good to you and make it a bada$$.
  14. My first build was a disaster. I ignored speed and took the penalties ... It turned out to be a very heavy hitter but terribly slow. My next build I went with faster, with more crit chance. Then I modded well. Much better weapon that is quick, but does a bunch of damage.
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