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  1. Just to put some closure to all of this. I've worked on my Chroma build, switched to the Rubico Prime and added a couple of format to it (and I might do one more). I've also been more focused on being ready to shoot at the right moment. I can't say I've got it all perfect, but I've gone from averaging around 8 or 9% to being up over 20% most of the time, and it's been much higher with some random squads. Thanks for all the advice.
  2. I guess as long as I can reroll it, I'd take whatever you got.
  3. According to several youtube guides and online build guides, you do not want serratipn when using Chroma and his vex armor.
  4. This is another issue. I run with random squads. I've run with 3 other chromas, or 3 volts, and all kinds of mixture. I ran with a squad where we had every lure on the map, and nobody was shooting the eidolon. So I have no assigned role. I try to be flexible. If it look like its taking along time for shields to come down, I concentrate on that. Same with joints, if things aren't breaking, I try to shoot even more. That's one thing I am not doing! I've been limiting my shooting to just before I think the Eidolon will flash red to the point the joint breaks So I shooting
  5. I just added a forma and it's not fully ranked again. I usually have vital sense, plus another elemental for more radiation Here's my current Chroma I changed it recently to try the 3 umbral mods to boot tau resistance. I had no idea there was that connection. I will try it I've not put much into unairu, but I do have some lens so I'll try focus farming to build it up. My avenger is only rank 2. I will work on building that up as well.
  6. but I think I do. I've been google'ing, reading wiki, and watching videos but my damage dealt is still in single digits most of the time. My usual set up is Chroma Prime with a nullifer arcane, Vectus Prime modded for radiation 1669.5 I have a x23 amp that I guilded and back at rank 24, with Virtuos Strike arcane, and I'm using Maduri school with 7/10 nodes active. After getting a couple of lures, I use my operator to help against the shields, and when the eidolon flashes red, I switch back to my warframe and shoot the joints, and back to my operator. I've worked on my build a bit
  7. I main Saryn for alot of mission types. One weakness she has is when faced with a single, high powered boss to assassinate. What infused ability do you think would be the best choice to give her some real punch against few or a single opponent? I'm just not seeing any ability of any great power. Maybe Zephyr's airburst or Ash's shuriken? Not overly impressed with either. in the event that an ability like that isn't available, what do you think of going the other direction with something like Pillage to get some shields and health back?
  8. I've run almost nothing but the 2nd bounty and vault runs all day and I have a total of 1 scintillant to show for it. I have actually received every other reward listed for the bounty at least once except for scintillant.
  9. I've read all the posts, followed all the directions, watched countless youtube videos, and I have not seen a single one. I started with a single echo lure. I equipped the tranq gun, then the lure and the little blue spots appeared on the map. I found the poop, followed the tracks,and when I used the lure, I got a message from SON, saying i did the call perfectly, except it was the wrong call. If i have single echo lure, and used it to find the hunting spots, how can it be the wrong lure?? Happened at least 3 times. I also got attacked waiting at the station for the Avichea, and
  10. But even tanks need a certain play style. You have to take moments to let the shields recover, and maybe a little health. Remember to use your abilities at the right time. You don't need to kill everyone at once. Hit em, move away, come back and hit em again.
  11. What's the point of knowing all their names? You can see what rewards are in the relics you have, and you can google any prime part in the game and see what relics hold those parts.
  12. One thing nobody has mentioned is your playstyle. You can't play a squishy frame like a tank. Standing still and trying to slug it out in a frontal assault will get you killed. Do you use alot of abilities? Do you know how to use the abilities your frame has? Don't just concentrate on moving forward. Go back and replay some of the earlier planets. Get comfortable with how to play the frame(s) and then move up in difficulty level.
  13. What does really mean? Is there some set stats you need to reach? I struggle with this, since I'm not sure how to mod a stat stick vs a regular melee. My Gara does a decent amount of melee damage and her lash is good (by my standards, how do I know what changes would help
  14. I understand the basics about stat sticks, but I still have no idea how to figure out which weapons make a good stat stick, or which frames can really benefit from one. Can someone post a link or two to somewhere giving a good explanation? I've watched a ton of videos and sorta understand how they mod their weapon of choice, but not why they choose that weapon. Two additional questions 1)Does making the melee weapon into a stat stick make it a poor melee weapon? 2)I'm mostly a melee player, if #1 is true is it possible to use a primary or secondary weapon as the stat stick?
  15. I just had this happen to me, the only answer from support is to link your account. Otherwise there is nothing they can or will do.
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