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  1. I love this reply. It makes so much more sense now that you've put it like that. ^this though I think you missed my point. In some missions during survival, when you run out of life support, your shield will drop to 0. I can understand health being drained because you can't breathe, but the shield should still be functional, yes? Also I don't have a problem with resources. I meant that I often don't min-max what gear I'm using hence I'm not as confident tackling bigger world bosses like eidolons or Profit-taker unless I luck out on a squad that knows what they're doing. I do Haha you're right. I guess I'm just not used to playing with him and I didn't know he could have 100% DR. I still love him so maybe I'll try him out more on the high level missions.
  2. I do know that Ordis simulates her functions, it still leaves an unsatisfying gap to where all this information goes through. Also I doubt that a single ship Cephalon carries the public image of the Lotus organization considering that it runs on humans as seen by those on the Relay or who work in the Dojos. While your reply does help my mindset, my main point was that I don't know where or what these resources are used for, or what purpose they serve. Furthermore, certain NPCs still refer to the Lotus (case in point, Konzu) I just feel like we have to stretch our belief to fit what the game purports rather than having all these things filled out. There are more nitpicks I have that I honestly can't remember, but at the end of the day they are nitpicks. Your Technocyte reply did help though. Still doesn't make sense why they lose their shields if they can't breathe but that's a different entity altogether. Besides that, there is a feeling of FOMO present, considering that a lot of melee builds nowadays have Acolyte mods, or Baro coming and going with Primed mods I do need, however I suppose that is just the meta and I've been ignoring that for a long time. I still don't tackle larger creatures like Profit-Taker or Eidolons confidently because my weapons do not deal enough damage even when they're fitted with primed mods and elements so I'm wondering what I'm missing. While I may ignore FOMO for now, things like nightwave and the like do encourage constant play, which I dislike since I barely have enough time to play Warframe anyway. In any case, this post does celebrate what DE does right as I do enjoy playing it despite everyone around me losing their heads for the grind and numbers. And I appreciate your efficient reply. I just felt it was worth saying something rather than being silent.
  3. Hi guys! I'm an MR 21 player, I have 538 hours on this game according to in-game statistics, and I still play FOR FUN! This is why; I love the level design. I like the attention to detail and the multitude of secret rooms splayed all over the place and being able to stumble across them is a joy for a player like me because it feels like the game was designed to be explored and enjoyed! Hunting caches, playing stealth, or just plain goofing around in solo missions is fun because I still find stuff I didn't know before. I love the open worlds. I like Fortuna more because of K-Drives and the general atmosphere, but I also just love them for all the mini activities you can do. Fishing is fun, mining is fun, hunting is reeeally fun, especially with the Business talking about the animals and the description of each critter. The tracking and the fact that the Business really sounds passionate about it is great. When you want to stop doing that, there's always the enemy encampments all over the place with their own little layouts and the big menacing bosses patrolling them. It's great. I love the Jupiter rework. By far the most fun map to traverse with all the new sights and the wide open space to really utilize all the frame's mobility. I like Gauss too. He's slowly one-upping my previous main, Nezha, because of his speed and his damage resistance. He's not as good as tanking in higher levels but for just playing around he's great. I like the Cephalon fragments and the Codex entries, and the little sub-codex entries within the codex entries in the lore fragments. Neat touch. Kuva Fortress is AMAZING. So tightly detailed with multiple objectives per mission. The quest to sneak around in the Kuva Fortress gave me some real Dishonoured vibes. Stealthing inside some industrialized fortress, utilizing its architectural details for your own benefit is superb. My point is that all these micro details applied to a macro-environment composed of the actual levels in the game is fantastic. Also WEAPON VARIETY! I love the weapons being so gosh darned varied, with all these unique firing modes and reload animations and sounds and ouh, it's just so good. I'm still leveling MR and discovering new weapons that I just love using instead of the damage numbers or stats is still amazing. I'm sure there's more things I enjoy about the game that I haven't listed, and by now you'll understand that I'm a player with an appreciative eye for detail. However, that eye comes with drawbacks, because you start to notice little cracks or unseen potential. From this point onward it'll be a bit spoilery. I'll try to note the spoiler beforehand but please read at your own risk if you haven't completed the main series of quests. Nitpick: Why do frames need life support? The Operator quests have established that the Warframes are basically spoiler metal and flesh puppets /spoiler, so why do they need to breathe? Even in Infested missions where the air is filled with spores but the Frames are immune to the infestation anyway? In Archwing missions I suppose there's some life support pack attached to the Archwing, but if that is the case and we can already take Archguns on the field, why don't we have life support packs on us at all times, like our enemies do? It's a story inconsistency. Slightly bigger Nitpick: spoiler Why are we doing missions with the Lotus gone? /spoiler all our capture targets are going to who? Our spy data is for what? Why are all our defense objectives cryopods? And if they are something we have to defend why do we extract whenever we want, if extraction was already available? The main story sequence is amazing and well written so why is the gameplay fluff text so superficial? I do know that there is this 'cause' we keep working with, all those rescue targets and people like Maroo and the Relays are all Tenno oriented, but we don't ever see our missions accomplishing anything, besides unlocking new missions to do. Real issue: Kuva Liches only have two personalities? They have quirks that just add a line or two to an already existing personality that's shared by every Lich by gender. I've killed about 8 so far and they all say the same lines except a difference in voice pitch and a few of them having a fear of Kubrows. I liked this one Lich, she was big, imposing, masked, had a Kuva Shildeg, and I wanted to keep her, except for the fact that she had the same personality of the last two or three Liches I killed. Even the Lich I currently have converted, my first Lich, has the same personality this one did. I don't know why anyone would convert a Lich. They only show up after you die once, if it's programmed some other way it really isn't working that way, and they stay for so little a time they may as well not have shown up at all. And, there's no way to interact with them otherwise. Biggest issue: Stop giving us new frames. I know I've said I like Gauss and he's a fairly new frame, but seriously, stop. With so many close together they don't feel too unique, and I have every frame except for like 3 and I don't even use 70% of them, and even then the frames I do use serve a specific purpose. Like Saryn on Sanctuary Onslaught, even though my playstyle is a run-and-gun Gauss/Nezha. There are so many inconsistencies and forgotten quirks and traits in the game, like a series of strings that aren't tied together, that should be fixed to give the game a more solid core, rather than adding more content that's going to end up as more loose strings. he Lich system is pretty bad. I still play it for fun, but only on Solo, and because I appreciate the little sounds when Thralls appear and the challenge of using low ranked weapons in a high level mission. I don't play pub because people rush or exploit the system for murmurs, the Liches themselves are boring because they're all the same, and the only good things about it is how the Liches look, the new Mercy animations, and the Kuva weapons. Railjack is far better but also suffers from a lot of issues. But I'm not the only one talking about that. What's the purpose of the Quills? Farm Eidolons to craft better amps to be better at farming Eidolons? Maybe for the Quill arcanes? People just use Energize these days, and that's because energy generation for certain frames is pretty abhorrent. I loved Ember before the rework, she was my first main. I love her even more after the rework, because she's so fun to play. But I can't actually play her like a flame berserker she feels she's designed for because she's so energy hungry. Round up the base gameplay. Steve talks about how he wants to make everything connected, and I love that idea. I can't wait for that idea, and I know that you guys at DE are aware of some of these inconsistencies. Bring us that. Make everything connect. Make us feel like we're having an impact in the world. Because when I go onto missions and actually look around, see the beauty of where I am and all the little secret rooms and details and tidbits I encounter, but then hear a glitchy Lotus tell me some vague reason for why I'm here, knowing that my efforts here are only going to be registered in resources or credits for myself and that I will never see what the 'cause' is.. It makes me a little sad. It feels like there's two halves of development. One putting genuine art and fun into the game, and the second tying it all together crudely to make it economic; to reel in new players as quick as possible and cater to an audience that doesn't appreciate what you guys can do. You guys have always been a frontier for game development. People very often compare other games to yours, with yours being the better example. So why is this connectivity not implemented yet? Why would you have the perfect stage to show what a game of this magnitude and style can achieve, but resort to doing things you've done dozens of times over, with new frames and models and some filler animations and cosmetics. You guys have always pushed the game to the next step, but that step hasn't been taken in a while. Empyrean was the closest to the next step, but everyone knows it's incomplete. I'll love what it is when it actually is finished, but that doesn't mean it's the only step you guys can take. Like Steve has said, Empyrean is not an expansion, but a tool to connect the elements of the game already present. I'd like to see that mentality adapted to more elements of the game rather than just the next big thing.
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