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  1. Is there any update available on cross-platform progression?
  2. To hazard a guess, I bet it's a license agreement issue. Originally, Tennogen was available only through Steam, but then they gave it to PS4+XBOX. It took time to get old stuff moved over to consoles because the original agreements needed to be renegotiated. Newer Tennogen was able to come out sooner with an already-revised agreement. In this scenario, the Switch version has launched, and I think the agreement needed to be changed again to account for this. Round 15 would've already been under a new revision, and wouldn't require changes.
  3. Yeah, just not yet. Post says it's the update after this one.
  4. Q: Now that Kitguns are a thing (though not on consoles yet), is there any chance of zaw / kitgun cosmetics getting another look at? It was previously stated as unlikely due to the way the appearance affects the stats, or something like that.
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