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  1. Just to give an update guys. So while waiting for blessings I've obviously had time free from Warframe - which I put to good use by trying some other titles. One of them turned out to be pretty good - write to me in private if you want to know details (not sure other titles can be advertised in public), so I got hooked to it, and as a consequence don't login (other than for 5 minutes to buy some junk from a friend every 2-3 days) to Warframe anymore - an extra blessing casualty. However the new title handles blessings very cleverly, and this is what Warframe could do to stop losing players in the same way: Blessing in the other title is simply given by taking part in a simple mission that is open for 20 minutes at set times every 4 hours. Simple as that. You can't get it at any other time - so no point in waiting in a relay HOPING it might pop - it will not, you're guaranteed not get it at any other time, and you ARE guaranteed to get it should you succeed in a simple mission (failure is as likely as failing an Earth mission for an mr30 in Warframe). Beautiful solution to stop losing players - and give everyone certainly and ability to plan their schedule, rather than waiting around in vain like Warframe forces you to!
  2. Before True Masters' blessings were released, I would look forward to start my morning in my favorite game - Warframe of course, with a few fissures or nightmare missions on the map. Now? I start my morning by moving my character to Earth Strata relay to stay there for 2-3 hours until it picks up a random resource, affinity and damage blessings, which sometimes happens within 5-10 minutes, but sometimes takes hours. I just don't want to start missions knowing I would only get 75% of rewards and that a blessing might come any minute and I'd be enjoying it 100% rather than 75%. 😒 This would inevitably result in less players playing missions as they would just camp in vain in Earth Strata Relay waiting to be filled up with blessings. So it looks like a feature that was intended to make players be more active and play more in fact.... did the reverse and turned people away from the missions, and got them afk-ing Strata Relay instead. Is there a fix? (other than removing this feature) - How about adding "blessing receptor beacon" for your character in a relay of your choice that would stay there for 3 hours and transmit to you any blessings cast within that relay, even if you're playing missions (rather than afk-ing in that relay in vain). Blessing receptor beacon could just be a 3 hour-long self-blessing obtained by just interacting with the Blessing Altar by player of any Mastery Rank (including MR 30 players too). Interacting again would work just as any blessing - refresh the duration (and anchor you to the current relay if it's a different one). Now I get back my mornings again in my favorite game without having to afk in a relay. 😁
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