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  1. When will you guys fix the lighting issue on lower end machines caused by the 8 bit processing removal? Or are the players who have low end pc's just supposed to "deal with it"
  2. Someone needs to fix this. Because it's making the game look very bad for people who really can't afford an elimination of old tech. And by very bad. I mean that in order for me to actually see a nullifier bubble my effectsneed to be at 150 to 200 while my potato is dying and I can barely track where my blazing chakram or exalted waves are going because they're faded to hell and back. Please someone just fix this "fix"
  3. I run warframe on a potato and it's been pretty good so far. As much as one could expect. But this latest patch has caused a major effects issue for me. Namely that effects are now not visible enough no matter how high I set the effects intensity. And the game itself is a lot brighter on the same settings I always used to run while the options menu looks how it's supposed to. Tldr Same settings as always. Things look worse for some reason and effects are quite hard to see.
  4. So the bug is as follows. If I'm running an Excal umbra loadout with a helminth charger and I switch to nekros with a smeeta kavat, the game will try to load the smeeta kavat with a helminth model and vice versa. My pc is trash so I can't show the bug but I urge anyone to recreate it and share their results. Just switch between two loadouts with two different pets.
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