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  1. If this theory includes the possibility of a multiverse, then having one finger show up at different points in space AND time makes it possible for one object to be in many places at the same time... it just might have varying states of age and condition between each showing. If it has a means of protecting and transporting itself to a safe location, should a railjack be destroyed, even better. The void, to me, simply seems to be the same 'subspace' used in Star Trek, a plane of existence between each universe. Iirc, one minute and one mile travel in subspace can equal lightyears of trav
  2. My friends and I can't seem to complete much in Orb Vallis since the Deimos update. I knew it wasn't very stable to begin with, but it seems worse now. Total crash, disconnections, host migrations, the lot. It's particularly bad if an Xbox One S is connected to the party, unable to keep up with Xbox One X behaviours perhaps? Anyone else notice this, and is it worth reporting even though I have nothing concrete to give? I can't record a whole session of breakdowns, you see. I can only record maybe 2 minutes, and a crash isn't exactly recordable. Deimos seems fine enough, unless 4 gra
  3. My husband wants to see more stealth IF the stealth mechanics can be overhauled so that stealth can work properly. Also, I want to see a collateral damage calculator like with super hero stuff. Sure, you can use a nuke to catch a theif but see that city? You break it, you pay for it. But, as usual, this community doesn't like wild and crazy ideas except to toast marshmallows over. :p
  4. I started a topic once about this and... Man.... so much negativity. So many replies saying 'no' to a Warframe triple-A movie. Regardless, I still think it would be awesome and I want it to be about a Tenno that got old, maybe marooned on a planet somewhere swallowed up in the void but he's not insane yet. Ship still working for survival reasons but unable to fly for mysterious void related reasons, has only one Warframe left, a Rhino but all rusty and sparking age-related wear and tear. Eventually, a new young Tenno finds him by chance and old Tenno begrudgingly accepts help despite
  5. Aww... you're not happy raiding a giant anus? Last year we rammed a vagina with a star ship.
  6. I'm not sure he can be fixed. The skull looks like it used to be an organic component, so maybe Loid and Otak are just ghosts? Technology extrapolating recorded brain activity and behaviours in one hover pad? I realise the skull is part necromech, but with the hat and mouth piece over the front, it definitely looks more organic than synthetic. Why two personalities in one droid, though? Did Loid have a mental breakdown and develop Otak in a fit of hysteria in, say, an isolation vault after a trip to the void himself?
  7. Total replacement. I'm not happy with the abilities at all and I'll be feeding mine to Mystery Meat (my Helminth). It's a real shame, I was expecting an AAA class Warframe for a community project like that, instead it's more of a C- or maybe a D if it weren't for the void damage aspect.
  8. Oh my name's pretty much mud anywhere I go now. I was doing Isolation Vaults on Deimos recently and playing as Revenant. I was the only one who didn't die and took out maybe 4/6 necromechs while picking up the others and their useless pets off the floor every fifteen seconds or so. I got called OP and a cheat and they did the thing of selecting a mission at a mother node, forcestarting then leaving... which may have cost them 3 vaults of loot? Not sure, but still...
  9. Thank you very much for that information; I have now managed to complete this nightwave task by visiting Horend on Deimos. It would be helpful if staff at DE created some link through story and gameplay to suggest that the Orokin Derelict was crashed into or swallowed up by the Heart of Deimos somehow, or just that the Nightwave task reflected updated location in a better way. It's not obvious, otherwise, unless you read this information somewhere in the forums... which takes time away from the game to research, which should not be necessary. Thanks again.
  10. Cannot exactly do this task if there are no Orokin Derelicts to visit, anymore.
  11. It's a bit too glitchy on my Xbox. If it's the same kind of glitchy for other Xbox users, it's going to put people off from playing or even keep watching the cinematic.
  12. Since the update, whenever I play/watch the opening cinematic for the beginner quest, I get a kind of blocky zig zag across the diagonal of my screen. It's more apparent when there's a very fast animation. It persists throughout the new surroundings of the quest too and is more apparent whenever I move quickly. I don't get it during normal gameplay elsewhere though. Is it me, my Xbox or a problem with the game or... ? Not sure if to report it as a bug because I can't seem to capture it correctly either. It's a shame because it makes the whole experience look like I just bought
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