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  1. I was browsing the responses to this topic while doing a bit of stuff around Fortuna. When I came across Ticker today, I was reminded of the story of his husband. I... I think I'd like to know more about him and Ticker. I know it didn't end well and I don't know if this sad story has any link with RL stuff for the writers? Is it a tribute to a dead loved one in Real Life? If... it's not disrespectful I did have an idea. What if Ticker's husband became a subject for Corpus experimentation and became a new mangled attempt at a Warframe owned by the Corpus? Could he be the 'broken' Warframe? There'd be a lot of poetry in doing that kind of background for that kind of Warframe wouldn't there? It would be lovely to bring some real bittersweet stardust to Ticker's life in the same way that Inaros brightens Baro's day. But then, I don't know if there is any more intrinsic Lore about Ticker and his lost love. If so, I need more education about that subject.
  2. Hard. I'll be a rebel and do this: Excalibur Umbra scaffold and abilities but swap exalted blade for despoil-desecrate Mesa's buccaneer outfit but masculine Hydroid Prime head with Captain hat and beard Itzal accessory set The Cape-like syndana (I forget its name) Clan shoulder emblems Acceltra disguised as a Glaxion Pennant with the silver heavy blade stance mod (I forget its name) Despair sidearm blades with explosive mods I'd also want my operator to be a much older man, a bit like Bleach's Old Man Yamamoto.
  3. You might also hide in the carpet hoping for bigfoot.
  4. Glitch - the enemies' limbs were willing but the torsos were not.. Sparks - the Warframe joints fizz and pop, electrocuting and corroding anything nearby. Overload - boom! - the Warframe explodes then pulls itself back together again. Emergency Reboot - Warfame goes dark and idle but invulnerable while its systems restarts, heals and resets energy to 50%.
  5. I got a lot of host migrations today. I thought it was a few trolls wanting to try losing my progress, but I found out the other people were still in mission, we just got split into different sessions and different groups (multiple solo sessions)! Why is the game doing this? Connection quality issues perhaps? Is it something in the latest hotfixes or just something I've not noticed before?
  6. This is actually a mod. Yes, modding allows you to see more or less of what's in front of you when aiming or aim-gliding, for example. It depends on which situation you want to zoom in or out, though?
  7. Yes and no. Definitely discriminating certain aspects but not for the purpose of generalising derogatory or such like. Make sense?
  8. DE staff can and often will tap in on Stalker appearances and scare the willies out of us. 🙂 Edit to add: this is well documented in the wiki, DE staff do take control of the stalker sometimes. I think, with current events and wanting to entertain us and themselves, they'll be found doing it a lot more often. Enjoy!
  9. When I admit to preferring male Warframes, I get moaned at about ignoring the big fact that female Warframes have the more crucial abilities. I'll also admit something here for 'conflict of interest' reasons; I'm gay. I understand the geography very well, I just don't want to visit. Despite this, I like to think I understand the concept of beauty and purpose and I definitely think that one can compliment the other, so let me define things a bit. I don't like Ember's accentuated chicken drumstick legs. Her Mohican 'hairstyle' rocks, but everything below seems to let her down. It would be great to be able to choose a more sensible skin. As for others, I enjoy Mesa's concept as a musketeer or buccaneer worthy of Limbo and Hydroid's company. I don't like having female ass (Wisp and others) taking up most of my screen, however, so I don't have them. I did get Ivara to explore the archery concept but found her too fiddly as a play style. Equinox's aesthetics when monochrome black and white represent, to me, Tai Chi characteristics quite nicely. I would like to see a more masculine version of her some day, perhaps? I much prefer Hydroid Prime's aesthetic, Limbo Prime's noble mannerisms and Atlas's athletics. Vauban... with the mecha steampunk skin with matching heavy blade... that's really cool, too but not much 'sex appeal' there. Harrow and Revenant and Nekros fulfill my 'supervillain' tastes quite nicely, with plenty of ... what... patriarch(?) DNA and provenance mixing in with the story there, too. Gauss seems to be too confused between Jack Flash and Transformers' Bumblebee for my tastes, but I can see how he might be appealling. He needs more helmet choices. I like Frost but the weird leg armour gets in the way of styling options for attachments sometimes, in a similar way to Ember's. I'm amazed there's no hovering Superman-esque concept there, or Green Lantern perhaps. I don't think DE want DC's tap on the shoulder though. I hope this topic isn't too awkward, definitely not trying to be sexist - at least not as a chauvinist pig anyway.
  10. Ugly, boring and expensive; Loki is much more practical for invisibility and I much prefer Inaros' quest story ... and being greeted like an old friend by Baro whenever I wear him to the trading events. I wish more frames had this attention to immersive detail. If you're gonna make a big song and dance about a glee club Warframe, do it right and allow more freedom with the creativity you're trying to advertise with it. Allow us to write music properly with it and don't hold back with the abilities. I'd prefer her to have a conductor's baton that controls enemies like marionettes while shooting 'spells' like a magic wand. Why a rolling ball of automated confusion, I don't know.
  11. I can just see a garlic farmer in a village asking a Tenno to pick a rare flower for him, the flower that's growing literally two feet to his left, to give to his lover down the street, and recite some poetry about kubrows because he's to scared to do it himself.
  12. You don't find squeakers to be annoying people, generally? Yes it does, but there are cases when it comes in useful. Most of the time, I hear people on mic but they're quiet except for the odd grunt of "Tellurium..." or "Found it..." and the nice odd mumble of "Thanks" on occasion. Or amusing bursts of laughter at surprising jelly physics sometimes. That sort of thing. No, really, Warframe community can be quite nice and vibrant most of the time, I just don't have much 'good' experience with kids online. Maybe it's my fault and I need to git gud about this gaming aspect?
  13. I'm sure this topic covers many aspects of life, other video games and more besides, but I just gotta know... how do you deal with a squeaker (underage player)? I'll give an example. A kid, maybe about 12, pipes up while I'm doing a Seimeni grind for credits. Invites to party and starts chatting, I can hear his household in the background and figure he's being supervised and such... so far so good... but then he feels it's ok to ask 1,000,001 questions about how Warframe works. The first hour is ok, I'm glad to be able to help and pass on anything I've learned. But soon it becomes the usual 'look at the wiki' or 'Google it' response when I realise he's not really listening and kinda taking me for granted; I even caught him just standing there, eventually, while I carried a defence. I let it go a few times but he asked me to help him again and... I lost my temper later in when he didn't even attempt to stop an incoming disruption target and just let it blow up. He didn't mean it, he was more interested in something else... 'ooo pretty butterfly' moment. But now he's getting cheeky and not just to me; asking other players to join us and saying to them that 'I' need to complete the disruption mission (no I don't, I need to grind 7000 oxium for Vauban Prime on Io at the moment, thank you very much, but here I am helping you through Neptune... why??). And I realise that he spams his entire friends list, gets a bunch of people in chat when he only needs a party total of 4 and whines like a puppy when they say 'no.' I left quietly at that point, carefully quit the game, turned off the Xbox and went to make a cup of nice hot tea. Then swore the air blue for a while after. This isn't the only time, just the most recent one. Funny but arrg! I'm beginning to realise I don't like kids anymore. They used to be cool! Wtf happened!?
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