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  1. Not at all, whenever I bring her to sorties, we just skip the enemies and do the objectives, and even then I have to nag her to come with me, to her stuff at level 60+ is already quite hard. Index for example we do low risk, whenever we do high risk we can't deal enough damage to enemies, they just don't die.
  2. The enemies tankyness is so ridiculous that people don't even bother with CC, saw some players just spamming invisible frames, or demolishing everything with ridiculous high damage builds (Kuva Bramma equipped on Mirage for example... yes, it is loud as you can imagine).
  3. So basically the lich shut down the game for her? (as far as I know The Index is the only decent source of credits... and she is yet to finish ranking up on syndicates, so she will need lots of 500k batches soon). 😞 Maybe we will stop playing warframe until DE fix it.
  4. I always thought he was just immortal and you needed something unknown to me as newbie to kill him... Becuase I was farming him with MR28 people and every match would take 20+ minutes.
  5. Seemly it took over the planet that has The Index... does it steal money when we do The Index?
  6. My wife is MR8, she was trying to get the a mercy kills achievement (the ones you can do when you damage an enemy 95% or something like that). After the mission the lich screen showed up... she asked me what it was. Since I know liches are annoying and steal your stuff, I've been avoiding them like the plague but... since she got one... How we get rid of it? We don't want lich weapon or anything, we just want to chillout while playing.
  7. Bug still exists, base only show up on high.
  8. Well... I tried to go to dojo... and got stuck in eternal loading. Later I saw an announcement that the hanger was going to be demolished to fix layout issues so I guess this is what happens when you go to dojo without a hangar.
  9. High levle grineer in general are annoying because armour, but the railjack ones take the cake. I am trying to get intrinsics and found out it is really hard, people just do missions quickly as possible and avoid all ground enemies if possible...
  10. Enemies have too much health and armor, to the point it is boring and unfun. They are not even hard, they are just annoying, taking forever to kill. Also they force the game into a specific meta, for example I saw lots of Kuva Bramma spam, because is one of the few weapons that kill them fast. Newer players are completly screwed, if I see a MR8 guy on the final levels of Earth, it is very likely that player will fail to kill the enemies with his weapons never doing enough damage.
  11. Amount of intrinsic player gets is too low. Also buggy. It is heavily discouraging that to get to the next part of the story of the game I need like a month grinding super slowly to reach level 7.
  12. My feedback: Finding a squad is really, REALLY, REAAAAALLY hard. 1. Too few people playing. 2. Why the game can't just keep insisting until it finds? 3. Why I can't just click somewhere I want to join any squad? Most RJ missions are almost identical, it doesn't matter to me what one I end in, as long I get a squad, having to click all of them one at the time is silly!
  13. Title says it all, basically I went on a saturn mission with a random crew, but the game start to misbehave (doors not opening, stations freezing, etc...) host quit, and game seemly got back to normal. After I was back on orbiter, it said I had a lot of intrinsic. But after I went back to railjack, that intrinsic was gone.
  14. I am doing Sands of Inaros, but I can't find any of them, seemly they were replaced in many maps with other versions of Crewmen, and as such they are really hard to find... So far I found zero of them. Using google had many people suggesting Gas City, but seemly they don't spawn there anymore because of the rework...
  15. Excavators are crap even in completely normal missions. Reason is that differently from many other defense objectives, excavators don't scale, so when you are in a mission that is level 50 for example, most enemies can one-shot the excavator.
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